Monday, January 11, 2010


Hi all,

my absence from blogging was time spent at the in-laws after Sunshine Beach and just not bothering with blogging or any other computer cr*p. Then it was the journey home with 15 hours spent in a car on Friday and another 6-7 on Saturday. Hard stuff but had some priceless moments where the stereo was cranked LOUD with Van Halen and Bon Jovi classics. I was zippily overtaking on the country roads in my gutsy little VW Golf where the speedo slipped up to 160 kms/hour like a hot knife through butter. Geez for a few moments there, I thought I was 30 something again and back in one of our previous sports car before we acquired a kidlet and becoming sensible was mandatory.

Ah I digress and reminisce.

Ok so here's a quick holiday update/report with a health and fitness slant.

Sunshine Beach was all good. On our own Peter and I ate moderately, drank moderately (for us, and I know that its a relative term) and kept up our exercise. Felt a million bucks (but sadly didnt win same on lotto and hence are now back at work) and dropped the pre Christmas gain I accumulated when the festivities shifted into top gear.

After Sunshine Beach we spent a few days with Peter's parents in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and there the diet relaxed a little more and a little more than usual alcohol was consumed and voila a couple of kilos took up residence around my middle again. I kept running daily (except when travelling home) so the damage was minimal and it doesnt freak me out or stress me out at all. At no stage did I lose the plot and eat myself silly (although a dinner at a nearby town pub did see me indulge in one the best chicken parmis with chips I've EVER had).

So previously I'd now be back on the strict diet, depressed, counting calories, counting macros, striving to eat the leanest, cleanest food possible. I'd be expecting the see the scale numbers plummett and when they didnt I'd be getting all emotional, irrational and straight back into my binging behaviours which were an inevitable part of the whole crappy diet merry-go-round for me.

But I'm different now. I view things differently. I make different choices. I take different actions and its all coming pretty much naturally now. Yes I'm cutting back on the alcohol as there is NO WAY I want it to be a part of my every day life. Treat foods are being moderated and I'm eating clean healthy foods that I love and am craving anyway after the recent indulgences. I was out for my usual one hour Monday morning run bright and early today and although I hated the alarm going off, by the time I was finished I felt awesome. Very hot but awesome. I'm not setting any specific goals to weigh x kgs by y date. The weight will come off and I'll not be reacquainting with the Metal Monster on a daily or weekly basis

Its not hard. Its not rocket science. Its about asking myself how I want to live my life and looking within for the answer. I listen to my heart and the right actions just follow without any pain or suffering. A far cry from where I was a year ago.

:-) Magda


Lauren said...

Good on you Magda. I hope I can get to that kind of headspace one day. Got to get to the stage first though.

Hope you had a great time at the Sunshine Coast. We had a lovely week at Montville last week. Rained a fair bit, but it is still one of my favourite spots to go to. Have a lovely week!

Charlotte Orr said...

Glad things are going so well for you Magda.

Magda said...

Cheers Lauren, it was the pain of the competing aftermath that drove me to the place I'm in now. 2 years of dieting/over-eating and repeating the cycle like a mouse on a treadmill had me VERY unhappy and left with no choice but to get help to give it away. I'm in a great place now and wish the same for everyone else but understand that it doesnt necessarily go hand in hand with comp prep. All the best for your 2010 goal.

Thanks Charlotte.

:-) Magda