Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Its been brewing in my mind for some time. I've been pondering it. Dismissing it. Pondering it again. Dismissing it again. Then pondering it some more. This time I'm not dismissing it.

On Monday morning as I pounded the pavement in the 30+ degree heat at 5.30am I made my absolute and final decision.


Just typing that sends feelings of excitement, fear, exhiliration and nervousness coursing through me. Secretly I love feeling this way. I feel alive and once again I'm engaging in my life motto of "Dont die wondering, what if".

So after some research I'm aiming for the Greenbelt Half Marathon here in Adelaide on 18 April. Yep you read that right. Its 14 weeks from last Sunday so there is no time to fluff around. My previous biggest running effort was the City to Bay (12kms) in September 2008 and I was shamefully slow (but I was also almost 10kgs heavier than I am now). Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Perehaps but I'm gonna chew like mad because choking is not an option.

To help me achieve my goal of running the event and not taking any walk breaks I've enlisted the help of Pat Carroll who I sussed as being a top running coach. I'm sure that with Pat providing my training program I've taken a positive step towards achieving my goal.

So its game on as soon as my program arrives and counting down the weeks to the big day. This means so much to me, the former fat girl who's always been a slow and crappy runner. But I've left her behind and taken on a new identity where I believe I can.

Cheers all



KRISTIN said...

Yay! GO Magda! I think it's awesome news and can't wait to hear how you go!

ss2306 said...

Are you crazy woman?? (LOL)

Good on you. You go girl.

Kate said...

Magda, I think this is the most impressive feat lined up for this year. Do it and quit making any, I mean ANY, negative comment about insanity or how slow you are. The fact you will do it is enough. How many women of our vintage make such goals? It is brave, well considered, achievable, fun, constructive, live inducing and guaranteed to make a stack of new friends.
I have decided that a life filled with bits of various achievements is just as worthy and fulfilling as a life of concentrated effort in one realm. Look at your life resume so far. Quite impressive, yet you struggle all the way with it. Let go of the 'shoulds, buts, etc' and just enjoy the fact you can and will. Power to you, Magda. I love you for being you!

Nicole said...

Good on you Madga! My mum was in her mid 50's when she completed her first half marathon and has completed another 4 since. Unfortunately she used to drag me along as well which is how I also ended up completing 4 half's!! Finishing your first is such a wonderful feeling and each one after that is a breeze in comparison! Good luck and you're in great hands with Pat Carroll as your coach!! Nicole xx

Kristy said...

Ohhh I thought this might be coming Magda and I am so excited for you. I can't wait to hear all about it and I know you can do it.

Pat Carroll is fantastic and I found his program and help really good. If I ever decide to do a full marathon then I would enlist is help again.

Ohhh I am so so excited Magda for you :)

Shar said...

Nice goal Magda,challenging but achiveable!!
Will be following with interest, I'm hoping to do one in August, depending all being well after birth of bubba boy.

Good luck
Shar x

Sandra said...

Magda, I was hoping you'd do something like this - it's obvious how good running feels to you. I have three words for you : Piece of Cake

LizN said...

Great idea Magda!

Kerry W said...

Very exciting news Magda...you go girl! :P

Frankie said...

ummmm. insane. But awesome!!!

Magda said...

Thanks Kristin. I will post regularly about my training both physical and mental.

Shelley. In a word ... YES.

Thanks Kate. Its only now that I'm in my 40s that I'm driven to achieve these physical (and menatl) feats. I guess I feel that if I want to do it, I better get on with it. Who knows what life will bring one, ten or twenty years down the track.

Nicole thats another great recommendation for Pat Carroll. I havent heard a bad word about him.

Looking forward to our catch up tomorrow Kristy. And I cant wait to get my program and get stuck in.

Shar it sure will be challenging but then oh so rewarding. Good luck with August. I'm sure you'll have a good quick recovery after the birth and will romp in the training and the event.

Sandra I have 2 words back to you: Yes please (to the piece of cake). Yippee my training will burn it off and carbs are now my friend to be enjoyed daily :-)

Isnt it Liz?? Its about time I set a nice challenging goal to give me focus and direction.

Thanks Kerry. I will certainly be "going" - before 6am on most training days. Thats MY time of day.

Yeah Frankie I agree that its a it insane and so does my hubbie but I feel ready and decided to strike while the iron was hot.

Cheers all


Gillian said...

Good on you!!! It is so motivating to have goals, and you will feel so proud of yourself when you have finished. Have fun training and keep visualising running across the finish line:)
All the best.

Magda said...

Thanks Gillian. I feel really pumped about it and will relish that step over the finish line.

:-) Magda