Friday, January 15, 2010


Firstly thank you to everyone who left me supportive and encouraging comments after my half marathon announcement. I have replied individually in the comments section as your time and effort is really appreciated.

Life is a little busier than usual this week. On Wednesday night we took my mum (a BIG tennis fan) to the World Tennis Challenge. It was a great event, a fun night but a very late one for us. I didnt run on Thursday morning but knew that my legs would welcome the break. I did however walk to and from work so it wasnt a totally slack day LOL. Last night was spent cleaning up for our rental inspection today.

This morning I did a short sprint training session while I'm waiting for my official program from Pat Carroll. Then I took Peter to the airport as he's headed back to his parents place to travel home with our son on Monday. I have a BIG social weekend lined up. YAY!! Lots of catch ups with friends and very little time at home on my own.

So on that note I must sign out as I've snuck this post in at work. I plan to blog over the weekend and hope to also do some updating of my blog template. Wish me luck as I'm not overly talented when it comes to snazzing it up but I desperately want it to look better and I have a new focus that I want to feature.

Cheers all


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