Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I have very tired legs. Tomorrow they will be rested ready for my 1 hour and 20 minute run on Sunday. I love the long (slow) runs and want to feel good for it. Whereas I had no running training yesterday, I still managed a 1 hour walk in the early morning, a 30 minute walk from the car service centre to work and then from work back to the service centre in the afternoon. All this after the gruelling sprint training on Wednesday morning followed by 2 x 40 minute walks to and from work. Tomorrow's rest break will be well deserved.

Nutrition has been good. Feeling much better on that front. There have been celebrations this week to farewell work colleagues and I've handled them well just using the right mindset about food and eating. What a difference it makes to a week ago where my emotions and thoughts were all over the place.

Tomorrow we're bidding for a property that we both love. I'm not saying anything further because I've tried to not form too much of an emotional attachment to this house for fear of missing out (again) and then being devastated. Trying to focus instead on work and other things.

Gotta run now but hope to blog again soon.


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