Thursday, January 28, 2010


I couldnt blog last night as I had a hairdressing appointment but I will just say one thing about my half marathon training:


Warm up jog of 10 - 15 minutes: easy peasy.
8 repeats of 80m sprint with 80m walk recovery: managing ok
6 repeats of 2 minute sprints (@ 80% of max capacity) with 1 minute walking recovery: you've got to be joking!!!! Thank goodness I do these at 5 am on an empty stomach or I'd be hurling at the side of the road. Heart rate through the roof and legs just aching by the end.
Oh and then I get to do another 10 minute jog home.

For as hard as this session is (and sh*t it just about kills me) once I've completed it I feel like a million bucks. Comfort zone?? What's that??

Then at the finish I reflect and realise that I'm tougher, more determined, faster and stronger than I ever gave myself credit for and thats a bloody good feeling.

:-) M


Kristy said...

Oh yes, I remember his speed sessions and how much I hated them LOL...

The benefit is that they don't take long and you do feel better afterwards, although I collapse at home for a little bit :P

I don't start the speed sessions until I go to Fiji, so might skip that one and start when I get back.

Magda said...

Oh and then I have hill sprints to look forward to in 2 weeks time. It just gets tougher as you progress through the weeks. But I love it so all is good.