Saturday, January 23, 2010


I had a post that I was keen to write about tonight (the one I mentioned in closing last night) but after writing the intro for it I've decided to delete it. You see to get my message across I need to write some stuff that I'm just not happy to put out there so the matter will stay private to protect the innocent. I would never forgive myself if it was read by the people that I need to write about as it could hurt them and its the last thing I want. So I'll stay silent on that issue and switch to a completely different topic.

I had a slack-arsed day of no training today. I managed a sleep-in and by the time I sorted out what I wanted to do training wise, there wasnt enough time to do it before my son had to be taken to swimming. There was no running scheduled for today hence my haphazard approach and attitude. So I decided on a Plan B and then that didnt come off either as training in the middle of the day rarely happens and deep down I know this. So inadvertently I was setting myself up for a slack-arsed day.

However if you look at this another way, I was taking a rest day so that tomorrow my legs would be really fresh for my long run. Yep thats it. A rest day and tomorrow I'll be powering along with energy in my legs and just nailing my session.

There is always more than one way to look at things.


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