Sunday, March 28, 2010


My mojo is back and I'm grabbing it by the balls and not letting it get away again LOL!!

I'm back to "me" as I want to be. I feel great again. Back in control and going with the flow. Not sure how the change came about but suspect I was just ready for the dark clouds to roll away and for the sun to shine through again. Still focussed on looking forward. The past is the past and thats where it'll stay.

I've also had two awesome training sessions. On Saturday I did Friday's missed session which was sprint training. I always think I perform really badly on the sprints because I never achieve what my coach sets as the training goal. But I give it my best knowing that he has programmed those essions to "take me out of my comfort zone". Well that I certainly am LOL!! Oh and I have to confess that with my anniversary on Friday and the celebrations that night, several glasses of wine and bubbly were consumed so a good run the next day is a rare bonus indeed!

Today I ran my longest training run ever which was 2 hours + 10 minutes. I tackled the G O Road hill again and started it quite slow and feeling a bit "woe is me". Then something clicked and I realised that I had energy in store and some speed in my legs so I cranked it up (even going uphill). Reaching the top and then turning into a downhill stretch saw me firing on all cylinders and from there I maintained quite a good pace for most of the remaining time (a bit over an hour).  Sure the last 15 minutes was hard and I was tired but by then I was so "in the zone" that I was gonna see that run through to the very last minute. Getting to my front gate was sheer delight and then enjoying some Burgen muesli and fruit bread with sugar free jam for breakfast just made it all worthwhile.

So clocking up these two successes as well as eating well again has lifted most of my fears and self doubts. I'll probably always have a few buried right down deep (just to keep me somewhat humble) but I'm starting the week feeling pretty good and I'll take that anyday.

:-) Magda


Kristy said...

I always found the same thing when I had to do sprints Magda. He would set times I could never meet and feel a little disheartened, but he must to do it, to push us to our limits.

Gillian said...

Way to go Magda!! When is your race??
Gillian xx

Magda said...

Hi Kristy, yes I think Mr Carroll does just that. I recently did a session where I had to report back some split times and his response was "thats what I expected." So he probably knows our ability better than we do. I'll be interested to hear what he thinks I should aim for time wise for the race. No doubt I'll think "oh I'll never be able to run that" but I may just surprise myself.

Hi Gill, race day is Sunday 18th April - less than 3 weeks away now.

:-) Magda