Friday, March 19, 2010



Wed 10 March: Father-in-law arrived for the Clipsal 500 weekend.

Thurs 11 March: Family BBQ and get-together in the evening

Fri 12 March: sprint training / 1km time trials done with a hang-over and too little sleep :-( Boys all at the Clipsal. In the evening over a 3 hour period we inspected another property, put an offer in for it and were told we had missed out. Kapow number 6 down.

Sat 13 March: Skip weight traing as I cant access my gym equipment. Peter and FIL at the Clipsal. More house hunting. See (ANOTHER) a property we really like. Drink too much coffee and eat too many biscuits and no "real" food. Enjoy Skyshow in the SAFM VIP area. A late night. But a great night.

Sun 14 March: Peter wants to leave early for the Clipsal so no time to do my 2 hour run. My boy and I hang out and make a cake and play his favourite games. BBQ at SIL's place that evening.  Oops too much wine and junky, nibbly food.

Mon 15 March: 2 hour run must be done but feel like CRAP. Have a 1 1/2 hour full body massage and feel even worse. No work today as I feel awful. Put an offer in on the property we saw on Saturday. Vendors will accept our offer but we have some work to do before they'll sign on the dotted line. Early bed.

Tues 16 March: Back at work. Feel like total sh*t. Took a rest day from running and absolutely needed it. Legs are ready to throw in the towel.

Wed 17 March: Took another rest day from running. Making decisions about my training based on how I feel rather than just following my program. Doing what we need to do to get the house we want. Cant concentrate on work or much else. But I get a hot new haircut and feel ooh-la-la sexy again :-)

Thurs 18 March: I do a 55 minute run but still not feeling good. The day is spent finalising stuff to get our house purchase over the line. I'm keeping mum until its in the bag. It could still fall over at the 11th or the 11 1/2th hour.  By mid afternoon we hear that the contract has been signed by the vendor and ITS OURS. We've already had a mini celebratory lunch but champagne will be on at dinner time with my parents :-)

Fri 19 March: I run for 1 hour and I feel fantastic. My energy is back, there is a spring in my step and I even have a little speed. Aaah this is what I love about running. Getting used to the fact that we just bought a home in a suburb we've always wanted to live in. Its all a bit surreal. I have more champagne at dinner time and instead of planning what opens we'll be going to on the weekend, we're planning what new furniture we'll need.

Ready for bed. Hope to blog more regularly from here on as I blitz the last few weeks of my training and nail the race on the 18th.

Cheers all



rene said...

YAY! That is sensational news Magda! I am really happy for you. No more house hunting stress :)
Congratulations xxx

Hilary said...

I bet you feel like a huge weight has lifted off your shoulders! Awesome news on the house, now the fun starts with packing and moving!

Hilary xx

Charlotte Orr said...

Congrats Magda!

Magda said...

Thanks guys. Its a huge relief and the pain of packing and moving is never as bad as that of house hunting. BRING IT ON!!


Gillian said...

Great news Magda on your new home and your training!!Things are getting better and better. It's funny how everything in our life has a season:)
Glad that you are listening to your body. You are going to blitz this half marathon:)

Best wishes,
Gillian xx

Magda said...

Thanks Gillian. I hope so but I am very sore and tired so I hope I find the energy I need on the day.