Tuesday, March 02, 2010


It was with some trepidation that I approached this morning's hill sprints. Three weeks ago this was the session that I blew off as I was mildly dreading it then and was still dreading it today.

I got up nice and early as I wasnt sure how long it would all take (10 minute warm up jog, 8 x 80 m sprints with walk recovery, 15 x hill sprints of approx 30 secs each with a 1 minute recovery between numbers 10 and 11 as well as the walk back to the bottom of the hill  on each rep, 10 min jog to return home). All up it took about 55 minutes and it was pretty hard work.

But in hindsight it wasnt quite as hard as I imagined it would be. I live in a pretty flat area and Peter wasnt happy for me to drive somewhere else and do them in the dark in an unfamiliar place so I picked the one street in my suburb that had some undulation to it and ran up that. It was still a tough workout and I pushed as hard as I could because I knew the hill itself wasnt quite steep enough. In the end you can only work with what you've got.

Legs have been a bit sore since and even from Sunday's run but I look at that as a good thing as I visualise them getting leaner and tighter. Oh to one day have nice runner's legs!!

Tomorrow's training is a 1 hour + 10 minute run and I'm planning to sleep in and do it at 6am or when Peter gets back from his run about 20 minutes later as I just cant face getting up at 4.35 to fit it in before 6am. It means I'll get to work later but better that than to be so tired from too little sleep that I struggle to function in the afternoon. I'm loving my training but long runs (an hour +) just dont work for me during the working week.

Cheers all and look forward to reporting back with another session nailed and in the bag.



Anonymous said...

Good work, Magda. I visualise what you are doing when you write about it and one day you will have very fond memories of all this. You'll know you did it and did it well. Hard bloody work at the time, but well worth the tired lungs and feling of accomplishment. You already have long runner's legs. You just can't see them like everyone else can. You have top view, we have side view.

Magda said...

Thanks Kate. Its certainly getting harder now but will not throw in the towel. Looking forward to stepping over the finish line on the 18th of April.

:-) Magda

Anonymous said...

Bah, a month away! Only 4 more sessions left and you'll know you've achieved something only 1-2% of the population can do.