Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I wondered if after posting my new plans and aspirations whether I might suffer a bit of the old "oh no I'm back on a diet" mentality. I was wary of how I'd feel today and how I'd handle my slightly different diet.

I neednt have worried as my focus is on improved performance and not just "I need to diet to lose weight". I still approach my nutrition with the mindset that no food is banned and its not "good" or "bad". Its either the right fuel, the wrong fuel or something in between and true to my word it has to taste good for me to eat it. I'm sticking by my decision to NEVER eat plain tinned tuna again. YUK!

So today I made sure that recovery meal 2 was better balanced and at dinner time I held back on mum's crumbed and shallow fried potato gnoccies (and man did they taste GOOOOOD!). Her chicken schnitzel was as superb as ever but again I watched my portion size so that I felt comfortable with how much I ate as opposed to stuffing in as much as I could. Even after all this time of not dieting, I still face challenges with moderating portions of foods that I really love.

Part 2 of my new plan and aspirations is to get a bit leaner by race day. I'm not overweight but I know that for every kilo less that I carry over the 21.1kms I'll feel that much better and be able to run better too. So with just under 6 weeks to go I'd like to shed just over 3kgs to take me to a weight that I really like and feel great at. I can do this if I focus on it and approach it with a sensible mindset which I've pretty much got the hang of now.

So if you're reading this and thinking "Danger! She's back in diet territory" I can safely say "no way." Eating higher carbs, lower fats and moderate protein hardly feels like diet territory. I'm regularly having foods that I love and there are no feelings of deprivation - unlike the comp diet I followed and variations of it afterwards. Geez if I new then what I know now I'd have lived the last two years of my life very differently. Ah the wonder of hindsight.

:-) Magda

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Anonymous said...

You are doing so well on the mental front. Adjustment to a endurance diet is hard! It messes with the mind how many carbs we can down after some cardio! Keep on the path. Hindsight after the race will reveal even more!