Thursday, March 04, 2010


It was interesting to see how many other bloggers are also in a bit of a miserable place right now. Not to mention my real life friends and colleagues. I wont go into nauseating detail but its quite sad to be surrounded by people depressed, tired, frustrated and totally worn out.

Are the planets placing us in a "glass half empty mindset" or are we just failing to focus on the good and positive things in our lives? When we look down we see the weeds at our feet and dont look beyond to the beautifully manicured garden. Its there but we are so focussed on whats under our noses that anything in the distance cannot get our attention.

Or maybe the problems go deeper. Are there unresolved issues that we are grappling with or worst yet are avoiding grappling with? Maybe the skeletons in our closets have been disturbed and are rattling to remind us that they havent been satisfactorily dealt with. When does the past suddenly become the present and you look at it and dread it becoming the future?

I've neglected my daily journal but a couple of things hit home today and I realised that at this time in my life I need it more than ever. I may need more but the journal is a good start and as of tomorrow its back in my bag for my daily reflection, reinforcement and redirection. I'll be meeting with it every morning to set myself on the right path for a good day.



Anonymous said...

Purging is never pretty. I am exorcising my inner stuff, to allow room for positive, life affirming goodness.

Kerry W said...

Hi Magda

I've noticed a general change in the atmosphere lately. Maybe the planets are misaligned, but this feeling has been hanging around for a couple of months now.

I try not to get dragged into it, however, it's most interesting to observe.

Mind you, it's been stuggle street for me this year too, with continual challenges and set-backs.

Anonymous said...

I'm still happy Magda :)

Hope everything looks up for you soon xxx

Kristy said...

I feel like I'm not doing what I should be doing with my life (day job) Magda, and I think I feel lonely, but I am trying to sort out both of these things. I just don't know how...

I hope you are feeling better soon Magda

Magda said...

I think I need to do the same Kate. Some bad habits and beliefs have resurfaced and I dont want them to take holg again.

Kerry your post about the Chinese medicine was very interesting and I wondered whether some of my issues could be helped through such means. I'll look into it for sure.

Good to hear Rene. I'm sure the rest of us will be joining you soon.

Kristy I agree that the "how" can be really hard. You have a whole new life and routine to get used to and that will take time. Things will settle for you soon, I'm sure.