Monday, March 01, 2010


Over the last day or so I’ve had some time to ponder over the month of February. I looked for one word to sum it up and couldn’t go past tumultuous. Its certainly been a month of ups and downs, highs and lows. Here is my review:


February saw me achieve a new “first” in running for an hour + 40 minutes not once but twice. Distance clocked was 13kms+ and the first time I did it there was some DOMS to enjoy, as this was the hardest my legs had worked for some time. What an achievement though, one I was very proud of. Earlier in the month I did have a slack day where I blew off my training but fortunately those times are few and far between. Running continues to challenge me, de-stress me, clear my mind to see things logically and make me happy. I’m hooked.

I trained consistently doing upper body weights and ab and core work which was something I wanted to maintain. No strength gains but not letting previous hard work and effort just go to complete waste now. My goal here is just to maintain the muscle tone I have.


Pretty much a roller coaster ride through February. A shaky start had me re-analysing what I wanted and how I wanted to live my life. Luckily I regrouped quickly and found my balance in eating well and enjoying treats in moderation. All was going well.

But the month didn’t end on a high and late last week there was a lot of non-hungry eating of mainly unhealthy foods. I still have moments of all / nothing thinking and I slid into a bit of a sugar coma where one bite led to a thousand more and I ate and ate to avoid dealing with what was eating at me. More on this later but at least I deal with these episodes in a logical and calm manner now and move on quicker and better than before.


I made huge progress in this area when I helped myself out of my early month rut. Without my SP to call on at my most desperate time I had to dig deep and go right within to help myself. Hooray I did it and came out so much better for it. Its empowering to know that I can deal with this issue and whilst I might still slip up (I am human and accept that I’ll make mistakes) I can pick myself, pat myself on my back and keep going. A far cry from when I’d go into a mini meltdown, beat myself up and then put myself on a strict diet to “compensate” and punish myself for my failings.

I still have a way to go before I’m totally comfortable with food and I can leave behind my all / nothing thinking once and for all. But I’m on the road to success and its just a matter of moving along in a forward direction.


The stress of house-hunting has been hard to deal with. The emotional roller-coaster ride has left me with constant headaches and a sense of being unsettled. I believe that this stress contributed somewhat to my non-hungry eating last week and old behaviours took hold once again. There have been some very high highs and then crashes down to the lows. I’m trying to put a lid on my emotions from now on, mainly as a self-preservation mechanism.

I haven’t met with the MM since the start of the month but a Wii Fit body test from last weekend had my weight at a very nice level and my BMI sitting a smidge under ideal so I’ll ignore the spike (if any) from last week and just get on with eating well and training hard. I might weigh this week if I feel like it.

Finally I may have had a bit of a whinge about a few things in this post but overall my life is fantastic and my problems are relatively minor. If me and all my close friends and family were to throw all of our problems into a pot in the middle and I could pick anybody else’s problems to be my own, I’d quickly grab those that were mine, take them away, deal with them and consider myself lucky.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Great report Magda. I can understand how stressul house hunting would be. You get excited to find it not to be.

I hope you can find your dream house sometime soon :)

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy. The journey continues.