Wednesday, March 03, 2010



You walk in to work so your bag for the day is a gym backpack.

You want to wear trousers and the only ones that are the correct length and not designated to be worn tomorrow are also a saggy baggy size 12.

You decide to wear those trousers with a belt but feel 'yuk' in them all day.

Your hair looks feral. You need a cut and restyle and you pray that your hairdresser is back on deck for your next appointment which is still 2 weeks away.

You find out that you've missed out on another property that you loved and thought you'd offered enough to get it (yep number 5 bites the dust)

Your best friend rings because she's in the city and wants to catch up for an impromptu lunch. So you accept the invite looking forward to seeing her and she arrives ......

..... looking stunning in a smart suit, nice bag and with her hair cut in the sassy style you've been longing for.

Today I looked like crap and felt like crap and couldnt wait for the day to be over. Now I just want to have a good cry before bedtime and maybe free myself from these negative emotions.



LizN said...

Make that two of us. I wonder if it's got anything to do with real estate. Hang in there!

Pip said...

Aww, bummer about the house Magda! Can see how frustrating this all is. However I am sure you will eventually find your dream home, particularly with all the waiting involved :-)

Yep, grown out hair with splits and re-growth is annoying from my experience! A hair do will make ya feel better!

Now regarding the saggy size 12 pants, - I think that one is better than having nothing to wear cause none of the size 12 pants do up and tops are tight showing off every roll!

Time to plan on treating yourself to some size 10 classy clothes me thinks when you can next find space in your budget :-)


Kristy said...

I had a similar night Magda. Feeling down in the dumps, but I don't really have any excuses for it, except that I think I am really bored in my job.

I hate it when you have ugly days and I feel a lot like that since I have come back from Fiji. I felt so good and happy about my body in Fiji... Now I am struggling to get that feeling back.
Keep you chin up Magda and I know a great house will come along when the time is right, but frustrating whilst you wait.

Take care

Witchazel said...

Welcome to my world LOL must be the week for blahhhhhhhh hang in there with the house hunting, it will find you!!!!

Magda said...

I think the real estate issue is half of it Liz. Plus I just feel blaaaah.

Pip I have some lovely size 10 pants but had worn them already or had them ear-marked for today (when I ended up wearing a skirt anyway). It was just a blaaah day.

Kristy the holiday atmosphere lulls you into that positive fram of mind and puts you in a "happy place" but then you come home and whammo reality hits and the sparkle is gone. Hang in there. Things will pick up.

Thanks Cath. I'll make sure I'm waving madly so it can see me and land in my lap LOL.