Monday, March 29, 2010


Well the business end of my training is certainly on my doorstep now. Race day is Sunday 18th April at 8am. I have no more really long runs but I have some time trials to report back to coach including 3kms tomorrow morning and a 10km fun run on Good Friday. Its not a timed run so I'll be using my HRM to monitor my time. Following the 10km run on Friday, Sunday's long run is one hour. How funny. I dont consider an hour long at all now LOL.

I'm certainly feeling more confident and positive this week having the 2 hours + 10 minutes under my belt. I suspect that some of my grief last week stemmed from my doubts about myself and my ability to achieve the Half Marathon goal. On reflection I realise that I put myself under these pressures by taking on the challenging goals but when the pressure is on, it can have quite a negative effect on me. Anyway I'm not a quitter so its the Greenbelt Half or bust and I feel that I'm well on the home stretch now.

And then after the race I plan to run for enjoyment and pleasure. I love just hitting the road and seeing where it takes me. I love the feel of endorphins coursing through my veins. I love feeling both invincible and balanced peace with me. Its one of my "happy places".

:-) Magda


LizN said...

If you can do a 2 hour + run Magda, you'll smash the half :)

Amanda said...

Hi Magda,
I'm Amanda and I have loved following your running journey. I love running and hope one day to run 10km!
I wish you all the best for the race, have fun, Amanda

Magda said...

Thanks Liz, I just checked my average kms / hour and its not impressive so I hope that I pull something fabulous out of my bag of tricks on the day.

Hi Amanda and thank you. It took me a LONG time to get to this stage. Like well over 20 years!!



Witchazel said...

You will do so great at this!!!! I am so inspired by you doing this rn I can't wait for you to do it and love it!!! woohooo 20 more sleeps.... hey have you thought about Triathlons???? my head has been heading that way for a while now and even more lately...

Gillian said...

Don't worry about a time Magda, although runners are notorious numbers people!! Try and enjoy the race as much as possible, and as Liz said if you have been doing 2hour runs in training you will easily be able to finish.
I know exactly what you mean about post race runs. I am also looking forward to going for nice leisurely runs without any pressure and my race is still 13 weeks away!!!
All the best and enjoy the taper!!


Magda said...

Hi Cathy, my love is for running and thats about it. I havent ridden a bike since I was a child and dont own one. And as for swimming ... thats for fish LOL. I can swim to survive but thats it and am no position to learn correct technique etc (I train at 5am and Sunday mornings). So I leave the tris for the true athletes and stick to just plain old running.

Hi Gill, gee I remember 13 weeks out and I thought my training was too easy. So NOT thinking that now LOL.