Friday, March 26, 2010


Step 1on the road to recovery was taken today. Sometimes you just need to reach out for help and be told "sounds like you have the foundation of balanced eating well and truly in place, but need some re-focussing at present".

Truer words have never been spoken . I'm so out of focus at the moment that I cant tell if I'm Binging Bertha or Balanced Betty (although I know Binging Bertha is winning right now). I have lived the past week in a state that is just not me. Last year I made a decision to live my life differently and I havent been doing that. I feel crappy both physically and emotionally and I have let my core values slide into nothingness. Its time to get back to "me" how I want "me to be" living a way that makes me happy.

I will make one commitment for tomorrow because right now I cant handle any more rules, goals, or things to strive for.

Tomorrow I will forgive myself and start afresh.

Just making that one small, achievable commitment already makes me feel 100% better.

:-) M


ss2306 said...

Tomorrow is now today. Have you forgiven yourself?

Magda said...

Absolutely. YES!!