Sunday, March 07, 2010


If you had said to me a year or even six months ago that I'd choose to run a half marathon and complete all the training that goes with it, I'd have said you were totally crazy. In about September last year when Hilde had me incorporate some running back into my training I knew I could do 40 minutes so thats what we went with and I recall often thinking about the City to Bay (12kms) and thinking that I'd never want to run such a long way again.

My how times change. We change how we feel and what we want to do, what we believe we can do.

Today was yet another first. A two hour run. You all know how nervous I've been about this. It was a MAJOR psychological breakthrough for me. A real milestone. I set out feeling less than 100% due to some poor food choices this last week and knowing that I hadnt taken the best possible care of myself. I think it made the run a little harder than it needed to be so I'm hoping that with a good week under my belt this week, I can nail a better 2 hours next Sunday. Here's hoping.

I covered 16.2kms and all I can say is that the last 30 minutes was really hard. My legs were tired and sore. My glutes were aching and then my hammies went out in sympathy. But I kept going on and on and on trying not to focus on the time too much. My first check of the time was at the 1 hour and 22  minute mark and my heart sank a little as I was hoping that I was past the 1 hour 30 mark. Not to be.  Just keep going Magda. Just keep going.

I ran in rain (luckily not heavy) and it was a little cooler so the temperature was really comfortable. The elements were on my side after the awful conditions of last weekend. Arriving home I was just TOTALLY buggered. My aerobic fitness was ok but legs were saying "enough". I've now discovered a new degree of "tired" and if I sit for any length of time there is some serious aching when I get up and move around again. Its almost comical.

My HRM recorded a burn of 1200+ calories so it was no wonder that after I had replenished my glycogen levels with a high carb meal (fruit toast with sugar free jam - YUMMO!!) I was famished two hours later. Gotta love it when my system works that well.

Its an early night for me tonight and please pray for me that I can get out of bed tomorrow morning LOL.

Cheers all


PS And thanks to everyone who leaves me supportive and encouraging comments here and on facebook. They help me to keep going when it gets really tough.


rene said...

As a non-runnner I am in AWE of what you achieved today Magda! That is incredible to run for 2 hours :)

Congratulations! What a milestone!

Kerry W said...

Told ya you could do it! See how far you've come? :) Glad I won't be you (and your sore muscles) in the morning. But I bet you'll still have a huge smile on your face, remembering how you came to be that sore, and realising you've made progress, and you can only get better!

Gillian said...

Well done!! You are going to do just fine, before you know it 2 hours will be a walk in the park:) Chocolate or coffee flavoured mild are great for recovery. Do you use gels during the long runs?

Kate said...

Good question, Gillian. Gatorade or gels?

This is how it is meant to feel. Welcome to the endurance club, Magda! That last 30min is what it is all about. Lap up those carbs, cos you will need them for next weekend!

Magda said...

I know exactly how you feel Rene as a little while ago my thoughts were the same. Thanks.

Aw shucks Kerry. I appreciate your vote of confidence. Its stuff like that that does make a huge difference when the steps get harder and harder.

Hi Gillian. I'll answer your questions in my blog post tonight.

Hey Kate. Carbs glorious carbs. My best friend now!!

Cheers all


Kristy said...

Fantastic job Magda. You must be on such a high to run your first 2 hrs... You should be really proud, that is a great achievement to run for 2 hrs. Keep up the great training :)