Saturday, March 06, 2010


Yesterday wearing the tighter jeans worked a treat. My son had the afternoon off school and I picked him up and we went out for lunch together. I ordered a chicken salad with a Pepsi Max and didnt touch any of his chips. I did have a few wines in the evening but kept the food lighter with a salt and pepper squid salad without dressing.  If I stopped to consider having something heavier or fattier then the jeans reminded me not to.

Today has also been a good eating day and I feel lighter and a tiny bit leaner already. I know that things will balance themselves out fairly quickly once I stop shovelling crap in and replace it with healthier food in moderate quantities. Once my head and mind are working right , the rest just follows and it becomes second nature to just eat well.

Peter and I went to a Fringe show last night and our son had a sleep over at grandma's house. This morning in the unusual quietness of our place we managed a sleep in til just after 9am. This is an absolute rarity and we both felt SO good after the extra sleep. I'm not even stressing about the missed weights session as I can make it up on Monday as its a public holiday. Its amazing what a difference a decent sleep can make to how you feel.

So on that note I'm toddling off to have a read in bed before banking some more zzzzzzs. Tomorrow is my first 2 hour run and I'm a little nervous about it so I hope that I manage a restful night.

Cheers all


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