Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This morning was one of some “firsts”.

Number one was a date with the MM and a nice drop of the bloat leaving the building with 2.7kgs down. I swear just knowing the number is under 70 makes me feel so much better. I have a small spring in my step and am living the saying “results breed motivation”.

Number two was a decision to drag the size 12 skirt out of the recycle bag. It was put there some time ago when my weight was heading down around 66kgs but now that its higher I’m suffering a serious lack of clothes that fit and look good. I’m determined that this a temporary measure until some of my smaller clothes start to fit and I’m not restricted to a few pieces that get worn every couple of days.

Number three was a tough decision. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I really love doing is stopping at a café on the way to work, ordering a skim cappuccino and enjoying it while I read the paper. However in my quest to stay low carb and 95% paleo, I’m trying to avoid the skim capp. Now you also need to know that I HATE strong coffee and also HATE black coffee. So what did I do today? I ordered a weak black coffee and drank it “neat” no sugar or sweetener. In all the time I was waiting for it, I kept telling myself “You can enjoy this. You will acquire the taste. It’ll be ok”. Hmm it was ok (just) but I’ve decided to find a nice tea, which I can truly enjoy if I want to enjoy that “me time” before work.

So that’s my news of my “firsts”. Riveting stuff isn’t it. But hey, I’ll blog the good, the bad, the downright ugly and even the boring LOL.




Pip said...

Well done Magda!

Under 70!!! That rocks! I'm 70.3 on my scales, 68.9 on fit coaches!

Black coffee, I tried it once, - hmmm, haven't perservered at aquiring the taste for that yet! I enjoy my small skinny flat whites, (no sugar or sweetener), - prob 3 a week. I tell myself they aren't so bad, just some heated skim milk, - calcium if it's not destroyed by heating milk and a coffee shot, (with organic roasted beans). I used to be a diet soft drink addict, (averaged 3 600ml 'buddies' a day or more if I bought a big bottle but made myself quit that Jan last year and haven't even had a swigg since.

Top work!


Magda said...

Thanks Pip. I dont think I could make black coffee a permanent part of my life either. Your 3 coffees / week are very restrained. I'd average about 7 or 8 but counted in the calories and still managed to lose. Its all about moderation and making good choices.

:-) Magda