Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well after 3 full days on my modified Paleo eating plan I feel surprisingly good considering my carbs have been low. This afternoon my herbal fibre supps kicked in and coupled with my magnificent vege/salad intake things really started moving leaving me feeling SO much better. (Enough on that though LOL).

I'm enjoying added good fats to most of my meals as they make lean protein with veg / salad so much more palatable. Has anyone tried the smoke flavoured John West Tempters? There is a tuna and a pink salmon one and they taste SO good. A little higher in calories than plain tuna or salmon but on my plan they're perfect as I need the extra fats. I find I'm not dreading my morning and afternoon snacks of tuna/salmon with salad and thats keeping me going on my merry way.

Tomorrow I face the challenge of having lunch out whilst maintaining this eating plan. I'll choose to skip the wine :-( and hope that the menu has a suitable option for me. Not even sure where we're going but I should research and make the suggestion. If I'm in control I stand a better chance of staying on plan.

Singapore is 46 days away and I have a better body "under construction". Stay tuned for more ....



PS Valley Girl I visited your blog to say thanks for registering as a follower but it wouldnt let me leave a comment ????


Kek said...

Good work Magda. Now for another day, and another and another.


Kerry W said...

Hey Magda

You're sounding positive. :) One step at a time hey? As Kek says, one day at time.

Magda said...

Thanks Kek and Kerry. One day at a time with some consistnecy thrown in and I'll achieve my goals.

:-) Magda