Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well its set in. And its parked itself comfortably in place. Its engaged and fully operational. What is it?


My memory, which wasn’t fantastic, to start with just got heaps worse. In the last few days I’ve forgotten:

1. An important appointment that was to be coordinated with my dad and relied on a phone call from a contractor yesterday advising that it was time for that appointment. So I had totally forgotten to tell my Dad about it and when the call came yesterday and I was in a meeting I rejected the mobile call twice before finally answering (having forgotten that I would be getting said call) and realising my stuff up.

2. To pack spare clothes for BS to wear after school at grandma’s house.

3. Dropping BS to school this morning we were half way in when I realised his blazer was still on the back shelf of the car.

But while these are all relatively minor and excusable, it’s the work stuff-ups that are causing concern. I just cant afford to be making stupid mistakes so a re-think of my eating plan is pending. Drawing board here I come or it might just be a tweak of what I’m currently doing.

On a different note I’m really loving my morning cardio but am missing the traditional muscle building weight training. Which all suggests that its time to look for a happier balance, one that will still see me achieving my short-term goal but that also has me working towards my longer term goals. Right now I’m treading water on the long-term stuff and that doesn’t sit too well with me. God knows how easy it is to stop treading for a moment and before you know it, you’re going under.

But as long as my headspace stays positively focussed and in control then I know I can sort this all out and get the delicate balance just right.




ss2306 said...

Hey Magda

I've been meaning to drop by and say thanks for the comment on my blog.

An observation from a distance and of course I might be completely wrong but perhaps not enough carbs and/or starchys in your diet contributing to the fuzz brain.

Although paleo consists of a large amount of veges I myself find I need starches to function full on.

You can always tell me to "piss off". Just wanted to help, that's all.

Magda said...

Hey Shell,

I'd never tell you to piss off beautiful girl. You're absolutely right about the carbs as they have been intentionally low as I try to get my weight down for the end of June. This strategy isnt long term but hoping to get a nice headstart on the fat loss and then moderate the diet to something more balanced.