Monday, August 02, 2010


Today marks day 8 without sugar - bar the sprinkle of chocolate on my cappuccinos. Its been easier than I thought and I didn’t even set out to go totally sugar free. It sort of morphed into that just through consciously choosing to eat better. I must admit that I’m feeling pretty good.

The weekend was all good with no major slides off the rails. Wine and nibbles kept in moderation. Food all pretty good. Enjoyed a fabulous spaghetti marinara out locally on Saturday night. I say fabulous because it was loaded with good quality seafood and the ratio of seafood to spaghetti was excellent. Nothing worse than a marinara where it’s a plateful of pasta and a few bits of scrappy seafood stirred through. Oh and it was loaded with garlic so I should have excellent immunity against any potential colds or flus.

I have now introduced jogging back into my morning walks. On Saturday I did my trusty 1 song walk / 1 song jog routine which is a great way to build up my running fitness again. There are still some aches around my SIJ area and I’ve gone back onto the anti-inflams (not sure how long I was meant to take them for – any advice on this would be appreciated) to keep it in check. This morning I had no aches and I hope this becomes the norm. I’m running in the Corporate Cup for work so I don’t want to be battling SIJ pain.

So tracking like this I should be well on the way to my mini goal of 3 kgs off over 4 weeks, with week 1 down. Gotta love it when you start the week feeling so good and so positive :-)


LizN said...

Great Magda. Keep doing all the glute stuff I showed you. I'd take the antiinflams for a week and then cease them - when you run focus on straightening (extending) your hips and pushing off with your glutes.

Hope that helps - we must be blogging at the same time today.


Kristy said...

Just reading about your running is getting me closer and closer to being inspired to start running again on my morning walks. Not yet though...

Magda said...

Thanks Liz, prehab exercises back in the training schedule then :-)

Kristy. Stop thinking. Just do it