Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sitting through a less than exciting seminar today, it occurred to me that I'm now up to 17 days of being sugar free. Well maybe not totally 100% free because I do still enjoy a skim cappuccino on most days and use soy milk occassionally (both have small amounts of sugar in them) but thats about it for my (added) sugar consumption.

If I have oats for breakfast I soak a small amount of sultanas with the oats and bran and they provide just enough sweetness to not require extra. I've converted to non fat Greek yogurt which is delicious with thawed blueberries. I usually have a piece of fruit in the afternoon as well.

All of this makes a huge improvement on my previous habits and after reading some pretty scary stuff about what sugar does to the human system (its aging, it promotes fat storage, it can cause mood swings and a heap of other nasty feelings and reactions) I'm happy to reduce my consumption quite drastically.

But I stil have times where I want a sugary treat like today having survived (just!!) a really tough afternoon at work. But I knew it was a psychological thing of wanting a treat rather than a physical need to ingest sugar. The craving came and the craving went and I proved that not every craving has to result in that food being consumed and in what would likely be ridiculous quantities.

At this point I really want to make it to 21 days (that'll be Sunday) and then I'll reassess whether I choose to stay sugar free or not. I do admit that I'm liking how good I feel.