Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Wow its time for another monthly review and report. (It sounds a bit like an exam result LOL). I’m gonna put it out there honest with warts and all.

I started the month with my weight already having crept up a bit and knowing that there would be heaps of socialising and eating out to challenge me in keeping it under check. I set myself a mini goal of finishing the month at the weight I started it at.

I didn’t achieve this goal. My weight is up by a few kilos and its not just a bit of temporary bloat as I’ve already addressed that.

In July my approach to mindful eating pretty much went out the window and I indulged in what I call overly relaxed eating where its sort of whatever I feel like and if it tastes good then I tend to eat too much of it. I ate out HEAPS and subsequently drank lots of wine and had more than my fair share of sweet treats. So it was no wonder that the kilos crept on – or rather jumped on. At one stage I could almost hear my fat cells have the welcome party. LOL

Training wise I had a set back that added to my weight gain. I had a forced two weeks off from all lower body work to allow my inflamed SIJ to heal. So more food + less walking/running = fatter Magda. There are no surprises or rocket science in that.

My headspace has been good though. I may not have the eating down pat just yet (it’s a work in progress) but mentally I handle things much better and I’m proud that I’ve changed my thinking around in this regard. Yes I did over-eat but I didn’t beat myself up, or get depressed, or cry “victim” or feel ashamed about it. At the end of the day it was more like “well that was fantastically yummy and indulgent but now its time to rein it in and shed these kilos”.

So recently I’ve cranked up the mindful eating and am making choices that will support my goal of losing 3kgs in 4 weeks (this being week 2). I’m not following a “diet” as such but trust my instincts around the foods I choose to eat. Treats aren’t banished but kept very much in moderation. I’ve reacquainted myself with feeling hungry (before meals) and its not a bad feeling at all. Running is back in my training schedule but I’m easing into it so as not to fall into the trap of too much too soon.

I can smell success and I deserve it. Whilst I like myself no matter what and I wont let the extra kilos bring me down, I know that taking this action is the right thing to do. Its about long term health, happiness and living true to my values. Oh and I admit, I’m vain.


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