Monday, August 09, 2010


Its taken a while but I'm now back running (well jogging really) consistently. On Saturday I limited myself to 30 minutes which was perfect as  I didnt have much time anyway. All good with the 30 minutes :-)

On Sunday I wanted to go for longer. I'd been to my friend's birthday celebration the night before and whilst I certainly didnt go overborad, I did indulge in some nibbles and a few well spaced out and sipped slowly wines. I knew that burning off a few of those calories would be welcomed.

I set out planning to run for 30 minutes and then walk fast for another 30. So off I went and felt particularly good. As it got close to 30 minutes I decided to push it out to 35 - I mean whats 5 extra minutes anyway. Once I convinced myself of that it didnt take long to aim for 40 minutes. All this was spurred on by that euphoric feeling you get when you hit your "running zone". I experienced it many times when training for the HM and even during the race and this is the first time I've experienced it since then. ITS SUCH A GREAT FEELING!!

So Sundays' run turned out to be 45 minutes and I just felt so good both physically and mentally. I added a 15 minute walk for the perfect finish. It was during that session that I was reminded just how much I love running. If I ever had lost my way and had doubts about who I was and what I was happy doing, Sunday morning made it all clear to me again. It even made me more determined to commit to my prehab exercises regularly just so that my body functioned well for running.

Yep I was out there again this morning managing 40 minutes and feeling really happy with that too.

I'm not planning any races or events til next year but I know that many a kilometere will be covered til then just because I want to do it for enjoyment - oh and burning a few calories never hurt either.


Raechelle said...

Great to hear Magda....and congrads on 900!
I'm just starting to get into running myself....have tried a bit over the years-but am really focusing on being a true runner/jogger...and doing a hm or something in the future. I think it's awesome you've found your fitness passion...good for you!

Magda said...

Cheers Raechelle and thanks. I now realise that I'll never make a good figure competitor as I just dont have the passion for weight training but I'd love to do some more HMs and bring my race time down. Glad to hear that you are venturing into my world of running and I hope you grow to love it as much as I do.