Saturday, August 21, 2010


...... and feeling ok. Not stressing about making perfect choices with diet. Just focussing on eating when hungry and not over-eating.Things will be ok and I know that in a few days I'll be eating better still. Its just a natural progression that when I eat well, I tend to want to eat well more and more.

Last night I checked out this site and found myself reading broadly about stuff that I suspected all along and that Liz and other bloggers have written about recently. I hopped onto eBay to see if I could get myself a copy without paying the full price (cheapskate that I am LOL). Well lucky me picked up the Quit Plan for a nice little price :-) (Yes Kek I'm a bit of a self help book junky - but view this one as educational rather than just "Oh you should live your life like XXX.") I cant wait to get it and read up some more on the nasty sugar issue.

However in the meantime I'm back on the sugar free wagon even turning down cheesecake and white gold mudcake (both favourites) that were offered at my God Son's birthday today. Honestly didnt really fancy them so saying no wasnt painful. I truly believe that if you take ownership of your decision to eat XX or not eat YY then why would there be pain with that decision and subsequent actions? (Comment taken from Liz's blog folks). I know that this has been the foundation of my diet over the last year and its one I'm really comfortable with. As long as I'm making the choices about what I eat and dont eat then I dont feel restricted, deprived or stressed over what I'm allowed or not allowed.

My SIJ is settling down now and the pain thru my glutes and legs is minimal. I had a massage today and I think Mr F (the legendary masseur) went a bit easier on me after I described what I've been thru in the last week. Nevertheless a few spots were excruciatingly painful so I certainly got my money's worth LOL.

So Day 2 done and dusted and I'm off for an early night very soon.

:-) M


Kek said...

Magda, I have more books than you might imagine - I just never think any of them are going to hold "the answer".

Reading widely is a good thing - problems only crop up when you take everything an author says as gospel. As long as you can process the info and form your own opinions, the more books you read, the better.

LizN said...

Each time we have a fall, it's an opportunity to learn. I had a bit of a struggle taking my sage words on board and turning down a piece of hubby's NYC baked cheesecake. Struggle, yes, but better than a week of craziness xoxox

Magda said...

Kek I agree. Some books have had some awesome content and some just didnt gel with me. Reading and learning are never wasted.

Liz I guess the thing that bothers me is taking the same fall over and over and NOT learning from it. Thats what I'm finding hard to accept.

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