Thursday, August 05, 2010


Yesterday was a big test for me. I signed up for the Corporate Cup challenge in the spirit of team work with my colleagues and having run a HM recently it was sort of expected of me. Plus I was happy to step up to the plate and run with my colleague and friend Miss R.

We are registered for a 4.5km run which we do once a fortnight and you gain points for improving your time. It was an awful wet and cold day yesterday so the thought of running in it was oh so NOT appealing. Plus with my inflamed SIJ my training has really taken a backward progression. I admit, this made me nervous as well as running with somebody (I always train alone) who may be quite a bit faster than me.
 OK so we managed the 4.5kms in a smidge under 32 minutes purposely taking a couple of short walk breaks so as not to do our best run first up. Remember its about improving over a course of 8 runs. What I found depressing though was my really high heart rate from what should have been a light and easy jog. Then to rub salt into the wound, my recovery time was in the vicinity of 20 minutes. Eegads this is very poor form and I commented to Miss R that I’m certainly not HM material now.

The funny thing is that all morning I kept telling myself that if I was going to run in the cold and the rain then I would reward myself with a toasted foccacia or some take away pasta for lunch. After all I deserved it and the salad I had with me just didn’t look appealing. Well after finishing the run and feeling very warm and toasty back in my office, the salad actually looked ok so I ate it with relish (that’s enjoyment not a food product) but then found myself in hungry, hungry hippo land for the rest of the day.

Scrounging for food, I devoured an extra serve of almonds and resisted the salt and vinegar chips from the charity box. Dinner was very welcome and devoured with gusto. Then as I was getting ready for bed last night I looked at my stomach and was absolutely convinced that I had put some of my weight back on. I just felt FAT.

Well how wrong I was as I weighed in ½ kilo lighter this morning. So the run must have torched some serious calories and the elevated heart rate probably added to it. Well worth it all in the end, me thinks.

And as for not being HM material now, I have one thing to say: The only way is up baby and that’s where I’m heading.


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