Thursday, May 20, 2010


So after finding some emails that I wrote to Kristy and Shelley about my visits to the SP, I reread them last night and then again this morning. Fortunately I had written in quite a bit of detail what had happened in my visits, what we found, what it meant and how to deal with it all. With every line I read, I just felt better and better. I'm going to print them all off and keep them as a permanent record of my work with Matti. Its amazing that in just 3 sessions costing less than $500 in total I gained SO MUCH. I cant even put a price on it as it really made such a huge difference to my life.

But I forgot that I wrote those emails and over time the details of the visits just faded from my (aging) mind hence my total meltdown at feeling so helpless at not understanding why I was going back to old habits. Its all clear now. I have some work to do but at least I know what it is and can just get on with it.

Mentally/emotionally I felt good today. Just nice and calm and balanced. Physically its a different story while my body balances back to a happy state. It'll come now that I'm treating myself with the caring and respect I deserve. Patience will bring the results I want.

So I face my second favourite day of the week with confidence and a positive headset. Then yippee its the weekend and we are taking advantage of the wonderful cafe precinct we live in. How could I lose touch with all the great things in my life and forget just how good my life is?

Cheers all



LizN said...

Good for you Magda, I was going to write to you, then I just got totally snowed under. Your title really says it all, really does. and when you've got that right, whatever choices you make will feel really good.

Kerry W said...

Hey Magda

I've sought of been through some emotional issues myself, and yes, like you, I tend to lose touch, and forget how good my life is. We take for granted what health we do have. Compared to others, we are fortunate, and are further along the path than many. Therefore, I too have been trying ot be a little more kind to myself, and not putting myself under pressure to be that 'perfect' person all the time. It's good to go back, so you realise how far you've come.

Take care. XOX

Magda said...

Thanks Liz. I really lost the plot this week and when I do, its not by halves. Its onwards and upwards now with a contented smile on my face :-)

Kerry, I SO agree. When life throws those curve balls its so easy to lose touch with reality and view things objectively and rationally. Its nice to then be reminded just how far we have come and compared to others, how fortunate we are.