Sunday, May 09, 2010


I have just had the most fantastic day!!

I was served breakfast in bed. My boy gave me my card + little gifts he had made for me at school. Not to mention hugs and kisses about every 10 minutes apart throughout the day. I was showered in them. Lucky me.

After a very leisurely stay in bed where we all piled in to eat our croissants, and a read of the paper I eventually got up and pottered around for a while. My boy and I then played a board game which he won and then we skyped nana in Queensland. By then it was time to have a shower and get ready to go out to lunch with my bestie.

We wandered to my local cafe and shopping strip and settled in to a nice sunny spot and enjoyed a couple of wines and a foccacia each for lunch. Some great conversation followed as did a bit of retail therapy but no purchases for me (I have my eye on a couple of things though so maybe next time).

Not long after we got home my parents arrived for Mothers Day dinner which Peter was making so I could just sit back and enjoy the day. We had some camembert, pastrami and fig paste with crackers for starters followed by lamb racks done on the Weber with roast potatoes and steamed veges. Dessert was individual sticky date puddings with vanilla ice cream.

I ate too much and feel a bit overfull now but that aside, the day was fantastic. the meals were great and the company was excellent. Oh and my boy got to play with my friend's son while we were out. Win. Win. Win. :-)



Kerry W said...

Hey Magda

Sounds like you had a brilliant day! It's days like those as a mother, and wife/partner you really treasure in your heart.

And in your new home too...really sounds like life is starting to come together for you, after alot of struggle. XOX

Kristy said...

Magda what a beautiful day. It is really good to hear you are enjoying life and great food!

Magda said...

Thanks Kerry and Kristy. Yep things are pretty happy for me right now :-)