Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've spent the day recovering from an onslaught of vomitting and diarea (I know thats spelt incorrectly) from last night. Phew was it awful!! I can only put it down to a Chinese lunch out with everything deep fried (banquet with no choice in courses) and then dinner out and being high in fat also. Again no choice in what to have as it was at my parents' place.  I think my body just said "I cant handle this much deep fried crap. Its gotta go!". And GO it did.

So no running for me this morning and a nice long lie in before attempting to eat breakfast (by which time I was starving). All ok there so it was a day of recovery and just taking it easy. My boys had crumbed calamari for dinner (home made) but I skipped it and had a bowl of veges stir fried in stock and seasonings with some left over roast lamb that I cut up and added to the veges. My body was ok with that too.

I'm looking forward to a normal day tomorrow with an early run and then just my usual meals. Funny how routine makes me happy. Although I love to eat out, quite often I want nothing more than my home prepared meals, knowing they are bursting with veges and abundant goodness. Oh and although I havent had any yet, I'm so happy that brussel sprouts are in season again. How tragic that I love them so much LOL!!

Well not much else to blog about so I bid all good night.




TemikaGalia25 said...
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LizN said...

You sent your v and d to Brisvegas...aggh Vegemite on Toast for me!

Magda said...

Hey I read your FB status and thought WHAT THE??!!. Mine's gone now and food back to normal :-)


Magda said...
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