Sunday, May 16, 2010


Phew what a weekend!!!!!

After Friday night's carb load of home made pizza (yummo) I was grateful for the opportunity to do a run on Saturday morning. Its not normally my running day but Peter did his run early  meaning I had time for one as well. So I managed about 10.5kms at a very cruisy pace for about 1 hour + 15 mins.

I caught up with the beautiful Miss R (a fantastic friend) for lunch on Saturday. This one had been a long time coming so there was much to catch up on and celebrate, hence a bottle of champagne was in order. Hoowee!! After the bigger than usual lunch I didnt even want any dinner so went without. I just had a red wine with Peter and watched him enjoy his dinner.

This morning I headed out for another run and managed a smidge under an hour. We spent a good part of the afternoon at my cousin's 60th in the country. What a hugely social weekend!!

Now I must confess that I'm feeling pretty run down and like the lurgies are just hiding in the background waiting to knock me down. My throat is temperamental and my stomach feels  ... well lets just say ..... not great!! I would kill for a day or two of R & R but will most likely be ok for work tomorrow so no putting my feet up for this girl.  I hope that a good night's sleep has me waking up feeling fantastic as usual.

Oh and as a post script I must say that while doing my grocery shopping yesterday I went down the confectionery aisle and walked straight past the SF lollies with blinkers on so I wouldnt be tempted. Now to just stay away from the shop across the road from work where I can buy them as a last resort.



Kristy said...

Magda, I am emailing you for some advice. Is the optus email address the right one?

Kristy said...

I have just found bigpond one, so hopefully this is the one :)

Magda said...

Bigpond Kristy.