Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Hi all and welcome back to my blog (if you're still with me).

Since my last post done post Greenbelt (is it ok to use the word "post" twice in the same sentence??) I've been busy, busy, busy. Yes we've moved house which is no menial task and even did some painting of said house before the move. All this while suffering some wicked wicked DOMS from the half marathon. But no regrets that I had the guts to give it a go and meet my private, personal goals of running the whole way AND completing it in under 2:30. In fact today I hopped onto the SARRC website and checked my official time which was 2:26:51 so even better than I reported.

Anyways we are very happy in our new home. The location is superb, just about perfect really and we've finally realised our dream of living in this wonderful area. I love sitting down to enjoy a glass of wine in our family room with the massive glass bifold doors looking out to our backyard and have Peter comment that this house "is just us". I couldnt agree more. (I've tried three times to add a couple of pics of our house but blogger wont upload so I'm not sure whats going on .... SILLY BLOGGER!!!)

On a different note there is another matter that I'm dealing with at the moment which is the main reason I took time out from blogging. I've acquired four unwanted, unloved and ready-to-be-evicted kilos in the last few months. How could I do this while training for a half marathon? There is one famous quote that sums up the answer to this (perplexing) question. "You cant out-train poor nutrition". The author of said quote (you know who you are!!) is famous for their wise words and sage advice and once again they are spot on with this one.

So why the poor nutrition? Well it was more a case of some bad old habits coming back with a vengeance due to the pressure I was putting myself under. That plus a bit ... well actually a LOT of complacency and whammo "hello four kilos ... what are you doing here??" To put things into perspective I'm still at a reasonable weight  and dont feel "fat" but I know how much better I felt and looked without these four kilos. Plus I now have fitted clothes that dont fit and thats just bloody annoying. I refuse to spend on a larger size or stretchy clothes so there is but one solution .... and it doesnt involve dieting!!

Yes I'm determined to stay true to my vow to never diet again (refer back to September last year) and I will do this "my way" to maintain my balance, my happiness and my peace of mind.

So for me this means eating well because thats what I value and enjoy.

It means keeping treats in moderation and not feeling guilty when I choose to enjoy them.

It means trusting my instincts to get it right most of the time.

It means being kind to myself if I dont get it right and allowing myself to just get back on with it without beating myself up.

Its about making lifestyle changes and practicing new lifestyle habits. If its not something I'd do long term, then forget it, as the short term practices dont offer long term solutions.

Funnily enough since the pressure of the Half Marathon has been lifted I havent had the urge to binge (I have a whole other post on this observation but will save it for another day) so things are looking positive already. Plus I'm back running for pleasure which is another tick in my things-that-make-me-happy-box.  So the only things required now are consistency, patience and time. My goal is to evict the four by my birthday on 21st July. Wish me well in this endeavour.

Cheers all



Charlotte Orr said...

Welcome back Magda! Glad you are enjoying being in your new house. Hope to hear from your more often.

Witchazel said...

Welcome back! You sound so happy and settled - yay! and the new house sounds fabulous!! keep trying with the photos pleeeease!

Anonymous said...

Yep still here Magda. Glad that the move went well, it's always such a big job. Look forward to hearing from you more often. :o) xxx

Michelle said...

Great to see you back! It sounds like you are in a great headspace.

Magda said...

Thanks Charlotte. I plan to blog regularly again so stay tuned.

Hi Cath, will give the pics another go tonight. Fingers crossed.

Hey Lia, it sure is a big thing to move house. Not just all the packing and unpacking but all the stuff to organise as well. And then hope it all comes together ok and there are no disasters.

Yeah I'm feeling pretty good Michelle and not letting the extra weight drag me down. Just want to stay focussed so that its off soon.

Cheers all


LizN said...

Glad to see you back Magda :) I missed you!

Magda said...

Thanks Liz, its good to be back :-)