Friday, May 14, 2010


Well I've given this one quite a bit of thought and have decided to cut out my daily intake of sugar free lollies. Here's the story behind it:

For a really long time I have relied on sugar free lollies to get me through my afternoons. I dont know why but upon finishing my lunch, irrespective of what it is, I have this irresistable urge to keep munching. Sometimes I use it as stress relief if I'm facing an issue or task that is stressing me out. The physical munching provides some (perceived) relief. Sometimes I munch out of boredom. Not because I've got nothing to do but because my energy levels drop in the afternoon and I lose my "rev". (I'm definitely a morning person!!). Sometimes I just want the oral satisfaction (yes I was a smoker many years ago and was off and on for some time). But whatever the reason I admit / confess that I am addicted.

A couple of weeks ago on a particularly bad afternoon, I munched my way through a packet of Eclipse mints and within a short time I had an excruciating stomach ache. I was sitting in a meeting with a skirt band that was too tight (yes I need to drop a few kilos too!!) and my stomach was really hurting. I cant put it down to anything else but my zealous intake of he SF mints. So over the next few days I cut back on how many I had and I didnt get any pains. But since my very upset stomach earlier this week, I've noticed that I'm more sensitive to the SF mints than before. Hence my decision that they need to go.

Now for many this may sound like no big deal at all. I mean how hard is it to give up having a few mints after lunch each day?? No big deal?? Well let me just say that it will be a BIG DEAL for me. I am addicted and it'll be really hard. Can I call the Quitline? "Hello I need help to quit ..... eating sugar free lollies" Would they laugh at me when I told them my unique reason? Probably :-(

I havent thought out my strategy just yet other than just having some SF gum on hand for those times when I need to freshen my breath (I'm not a lover of gum at all so I'm not at risk of replacing the lollies with the gum). Apart from that, it might just be the trusty cold turkey approach and toughing it out.

A small step for man.

A giant leap towards better health.


What are your thoughts? Am I over the top on this or is my take on this and my subsequenrt decision valid? Leave me a comment anf tell me what you think.



Miss Tank said...

Hey gorgeous Magda!

Great idea to drop the SF stuff! Like you - i get terrible tummy pains with similar stuff - i stopped eating them bout a year ago - best thing i ever did. I've even weaned myself off sweetners. It was bloody hard, but the taste of food became so much better! I can recall when i dropped them, i drank cordial instead. The low joule stuff seemed to replace my need for diet drinks, sf lollies etc. I still chew extra but also limit that intake to a chewy after meals.
I used to be huge on adding splenda to my protein pancakes etc, so to stop that - i ended up going for savory type omo's that didn't require sweetness. Also arvo snacks switched from the sweet type to savory type like turkey burgers, etc
Sweet tastes are so good, real sugar isn't SO bad, it's probably better than sweetners.
Not sure this helps, but I know from experience that dropping the SF shit did stop bloats and pains...!! xo

LizN said...

You'll be amazed by how much less bloated you'll be and how much better you'll feel for it.


rene said...

Have you ever tried Peppermint Tea? I love the way it freshens my mouth :)

Kristy said...

You will feel so much better Magda. I no longer drink pepsi max as it makes me feel yuck, but I have a few habits of my own I need to break as well. No you aren't making a big deal at all. You are doing the right thing making one change at a time.

Magda said...

Hey Fern, I can see the sense in switching to more savoury foods in general to avoid the sugar / artificial sweetener debate all together. But Geez I have SUCH a sweet tooth!!

Thanks Liz. Looking forward to the benefits so I'm not hung up on what I'm missing.

I love peppermint tea Rene but it doesnt have the convenience of reaching for a lolly / gum. Although having said that, I have an idea.....

Yes Kristy I want to make some changes over time but need to do it gradually as too much too soon will just end in a big binge of all the things I want to wean myself off.

Thanks guys