Saturday, May 08, 2010


With a slight change in plans from our regular Saturday routine I was able to schedule a long run today. I measured it as approx 10.3kms and I ran at a really cruisy pace for about 1 hour + 12 mins. Man it felt SOOOOOOO good to go longer. I really do find the longer distances/times quite addictive.

Then it was the usually busy day with swimming, grocery shopping, domestic chores and of course my treat of lunch out. I head to my local Cibo after finishing the grocery shopping and I order one of their superb coffees and a bisuit (although today I was really hungry so I had a small cake instead). Yeah I know its not exactly lean, clean and nutritious but I love it and I enjoy it and savour it as a treat. And it is lunch not an extra to lunch.

I have a fantastic Mothers Day lined up but I'll blog about it tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to it. My boy has already given me flowers and I know there is a special present that he's made in school as well. I'm going to be so spoilt.

I hope all the mums have a great day tomorrow and I'll be back to post about mine tomorrow evening. Even as I was cleaning the shower today I was thinking to myself how much I love my life. I have so much to be grateful for and I am so lucky in so many ways.

Cheers all



Charlotte Orr said...

Glad to hear you so happy Magda. Have a great day tomorrow.

heather ruiz said...

stumbled across your blog, and i love it! i'm 16 and hate running but recently made goals to accomplish a 5k run because
1. my legs are flabby
2.i want to make my friends jealous
3. it sounds nice
4. i usually don't stick to goals and i really really wanna stick to this one
and 5. i envy those who run for miles, looking like the classy, committed urban athletes that jog in name brand sports wear flaunting apple technology on their biceps and leading their pooch long on a leash beside their perfectly toned calves. you guys look pretty awesome.
can you help me out and pass along some tips on how to endure to torture?