Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today my iron constitution kicked in and it was pretty much a normal day for me. I felt ok again after being sick on Tuesday night. I managed a 45 minute jog this morning which half way through I remembered should have been a sprint session. Perhaps I didnt have THAT much energy to burn after a light eating day yesterday. Oh and how lovely to just enjoy lean clean food again and not the deep fried cr*p that some restaurants serve.

I have been toying with making some further changes to my lifestyle in the pursuit of improved health, fitness and longevity. So I'm mulling over some ideas and options and will post more about them if I decide to embrace them. You see I do this every so often but never follow through. Maybe this time will be different if I can devise a workable plan / approach in my mind. I can say though that there have been things that are concerning me lately and I honestly dont think complacency is an acceptable option. Its a cop out and I'm not keen on that either.

Stay tuned and watch this space.



Stephanie Davis said...

hi magda, thanks v much for your last comment and support. i look forward to hearing more about your ideas - blogging is sometimes a good way to get the thoughts/ideas going isn't it and you don't have to fully commit to anything or put pressure on yourself just to ponder it :)

Magda said...

I've taken the plunge Steph, as evidenced by my post tonight.