Friday, May 21, 2010


And just to make sure that everything continues well for me, God has sent an angel to look out for me in the future should I need it.

Earlier this week I emailed Matti my SP who no longer lives in Adelaide, desperately seeking her help via a phone consult. I didnt hear back from her for a few days and I wondered if she would reply at all or if she would refuse coaching me for whatever reason.

This morning I got a reply from her indicating that she did phone consults and offering to speak to me next week. Funnily enough I dont need to speak to her now but I'll maintain my contact with her should I want some refresher work in future. I cant tell you how relaxed and positive this makes me feel, just knowing that should I need some support, I can turn to her.

Physically I feel better today than I did yesterday. The human body is an amazing work of science. I'm still at that very fortunate place where even after some serious abuse, it can still right itself fairly quickly and easily. For that I'm grateful but I shouldnt take it for granted.

Emotionally I have forgiven myself for the events of this week. Self defeating thoughts, poor choices and poorer actions that are in the past now whereas I'm looking ahead with a more balanced and positive outlook.

If there's one thing that I learnt this week through all the pain and anguish I felt when at my lowest, it was "never underestimate the power of the mind". For me its not the food that is the trigger to binge, its the thought processes that go with non-hungry eating or eating of foods that were previously off-limits. And understanding that goes a long way to managing it and acting differently in future.

:-) Magda

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