Tuesday, March 17, 2009


.... for the comments on my last post. The study has been weighing heavily on my mind and it helped to air it. I have some time before I decide which course to apply for and both courses start later in the year but I like to be mentally prepared and have things sorted in my mind. I guess it comes back to establishing a routine which ultimately makes me happy.

I'm not in the mood to blog more tonight. Its late and I must get to bed. We have a busy few days with Father-In-Law arriving tomorrow for the Clipsal 500. I have a corporate invite for Friday which will be a real treat and the men will be rev-heading all weekend. Then its out for dinners, breakfast, family BBQs and whatever else we can fit in.

Not feeling positive about the Size 11 jeans fitting anytime soon :-(



Em said...

You can do it hun :)


Magda said...

I can Em, but not by my due date

:-) Magda