Saturday, March 14, 2009


Firstly let me preface by saying that this is not meant to be a whingy, woe is me, I'm-so-busy-and-how-can-I-fit-more-in post. Many bloggers have very busy lives. Some work fulltime in industries removed from health and fitness, some work as PTs, instructors, some work part-time or are full-time mums. We train at all different hours. Some are up and at it at 4am or earlier, or straight into it after work. Maybe you train twice a day or squeeze your training in between clients and classes in the gym. What I'm saying is that nobody I know is cruising through it all with oodles of time just to train and diet and devote 100% effort to maintaining the ideal health and fitness lifestyle.

But lately I've been asking myself "how much can I fit into one life?" Let me elaborate (and digress away from the health and fitness lifestyle for a moment).

Since August last year I've been doing a different job. I was previously a Project Manager for capital works projects in a large government department. I'm now in a small government department in a management position with responsibility for a number of programs and related functions. I'm filling in for somebody on maternity leave so its not a permanent arrangement.

I am loving this job. Its interesting and challenging and I'm lucky to have a great team of staff and a fantastic boss. But it will end in August or September this year. I've contemplated going back to my previous position but WH says I'm a much better person since I've been here and in reality I dont really want to go back. To that end, I'm 99% decided that I'll undertake some study to improve my chances of getting a permanent management position if not where I am now, then elsewhere. I attended an info session for one of my course options on Wednesday evening and came away very inspired (albeit with a few too many hors deuvres in me!!)

This prospect is exciting and scary. Exciting if I get into my preferred course which is very attractive and sounds like it'll meet my needs on a number of levels. Scary?? Oh hell yeah. I havent studied for a LONG time. How will I cope academically? How will I cope from a time managememt perspective? How will I cope with another change to my lifestyle and routine? This is where I'm asking myself "how much can I fit into one life?"

I started the year with a burning desire to compete again. I was determined and focussed to achieve this goal and I have already worked hard towards it. But I'm now battling all sorts of doubts. Especially around whether I can maintain the level of training required to get me to comp standard again and put in the time needed to do well in my studies.

Like most people I find change unsettling. I love routine. I love to know that Saturday is leg day, Monday is sprints, Friday is my day off. I often have the same thing for dinner maybe 4 times a week. I'm happy with that. So, with so much "unknown" looming I'm a bit out of sorts and yes I admit, I'm doubting myself (maybe why Binge Monster has scored a couple of wins recently). Will I have to put the competing goal on the back-burner or can I achieve the elusive Superwoman Status and do it all?

(BTW this was the reason I suffered some major insomnia a few weeks ago and I'm now training on my own as I juggle finances to make this and other stuff around home possible.)

Hmmm maybe I'm needing some love and positive vibes sent my way LOL. Or some words of wisdom from someone not so caught up in it all.



ss2306 said...

Hey Magda

Yeah, change is scary! But embrace the fear and take on the challenge as you'll grow even stronger again for it.

I know I was shit scared moving from Genesis to Jetts but it was the best thing and I'm so glad I did it.

I think it's these little challenges that we accept and tackle along our journey that allows us to become more confident and strong.

Have a great weekend.

Kek said...

It's quite amazing what we can fit into our lives sometimes, Magda. When you take on extra, you have to rearrange things a bit, because something has to give - and you don't want it to be your sanity!

Other people might have to do a bit more or expect a bit less from you. That's what family support is all about. And you probably need to lower your standards for a while too, let some things slide...

I know your boy is a bit young, but I make my kids do some of the housework and I just have to accept that it won't be done the way I like it.... Even small children can dust or dry dishes.

Prioritise everything, make a list, do whatever it takes to work out what's important and what's really not.

Kerry W said...

Hi Magda

This is the first time I've left a comment and read your blog, and I'm finally saying 'hi', but I'm sending you some love and positive vibes. :)

I'm a full-time mum, and I don't do comp, but having been through 2xIBO programs, having experienced depletion for 1 week & currently on my third program, I've had a taste of what it is like to have this type of lifestyle. It is quite all-consuming when you're training most days and watching your nutrition, so I can imagine what it is like to do comp.

And then, for you contemplating study, well that's another thing to throw in the mix. I don't know your personal situation apart from your work which you've just described (kids? other committments, etc).

I'm just putting in my 2 cents worth, but I know for me I have had a history of taking on too much and trying to be 'superwoman', and I always ended up in a heap. After a miscarriage preceded by a business failure, it kind of put life into perspective for me and I really saw the importance of the 'simple things' in life. Since that time (which is about 4yrs ago), I have kept life simple, and have tried to be as honest to myself about what's really important to me. It was a matter of working out what was important to 'me', not everybody else, regardless of what they thought. So for me ATM, I am in a happy place having found that balance, and when life starts to resemble that roller-coaster ride, I can now step back before it starts to take off.

I don't know if that helped, but I suppose what I am trying to say is the K.I.S.S principle has worked best for me, and kept me true to myself and kept my life balanced.

So I hope you find the solution that is best for you - which is all about being true to yourself. Then there can be no doubts.

Sorry about the loooong post...ciao...Kerry :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes in the busy of our lives and the world we simply have to stop and be still long enough to hear the answers to the questions we're looking for. They're there and when it's time you'll decided what's best for you and your family Magda. :o)

Lia xxx

Em said...

Change is as good as a holiday, and smetimes we need a good shake up to let us know we're still alive!

I think if you want somemthing bad denough you will do what ever it takes to attain it whether its going to bed early or saying no to that chocolate cake, you will do it cause the end game is important to you and drives you.

Hang in there hun ride out the waves and see what good comes of it :)


Raechelle said...

I think that a person will fit in whatever they truly WANT to fit in. It's just up to the person to decide what they truly want.
Eventually it all falls into place-so try not to stress too hard. If it's meant to be, it will be!