Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Today the scale bounced back a little but I'm feeling lean and mean so the numbers are not doing my head in. (I still dont weigh every day but was a bit curious this morning). On Sunday I wore a pair of (largish) size 10 capri pants and they were quite loose. Today the stripy pants got another outing. These are a size 12 and were purchased when I was well over 70kgs last year. They are really loose now and wearing a belt with them is obligatory. I'm definitely feeling smaller and leaner and am pretty happy about it.

At work today I shared my 2007 comp pictures with one of my colleagues. I felt all misty and nostalgic flicking through the pictures from the Asia Pacific Championships held in Sydney. So many memories came flooding back and I felt so proud of what I had achieved that year. Hearing my colleague's "Oh my God you look amazing" reaction certainly made me puff up even prouder than before. I just know in my heart that I'll do it again. I'm training for this year but I have some other factors coming into play which may delay my plans. Time and future developments will tell.

Funny how many other bloggers are recently also contemplating their returns to competing. It seems to be the hot topic of blogs for the retired / semi-retired. So on that note I have a training session to prepare for so that I start as close to 5.40am in the morning as possible. Have a great night all.



Kristy said...

Was that 2007 Magda? That was around the same time I was at my smallest as well and it didn't feel like that long ago.

We will both get back to that spot!

Irene said...

Hi Magda, congrats on your losses , i've been absent of late. I'm back now, i'm pregnant i've started a new blog to document my journey to motherhood.
Keep up the great work
Irene :)

Magda said...

Yes Kristy it was 2007 when we met at 5.15 on regular mornings to do our sprints together. It was awesome that you took the time and trouble to train with me coz it helped me heaps on the days when I just didnt want to do it. We should catch up and compare notes. You work in the city, dont you?

Hey Irene, CONGRATS and welcome back. I'll pop over to your new blog and check it out.