Saturday, March 07, 2009


Following in the vein of OMG I'm so hungry lately here's a snapshot of my day.

I've trained legs and followed it up with a brief HIIT on the ex bike as time is short. I bolt down breakfast of my oat / egg whites / cottage cheese pancake with banana, SF maple syrup and LSA. Need to hit the shower to get some morning chores done. EXCEPT WH breaks into conversation about a matter I couldnt brush off. BUGGER!! Time is slipping away but this cant be ignored.

Anyway some of the chores are done and I race BS off to his swimming lesson. When we get back its 3 hours since I had breakfast and I'm HUNGRY!! I start to organise WH's lunch before I get mine. Except WH is standing along side the kitchen benchtop with hands on hips waiting for me to get out of the way so he can finish cleaning the floors.

"But I'm starving. I need to eat," I plead.
He rolls his eyes and is about to throw down the mop.
"Oh no," I think, "I'll have to finish cleaning the floors." So I quickly scoot out of the kitchen muttering that I'll have a coffee before I shop and I'll be ok. I know there's a Slim Secrets bar in my bag and that, with a skim cappuccino will tide me over. Out of there I race and off to do the shopping.

Settle into my local coffee shop with a skim cappucino ordered and reach for the bar. BUGGER!! Its in my other bag. Geez the stack of fruit loaf slices looks soooooo appetising and I almost order a serve but decide against it. Instead I do the quickest grocery shop known to man, race home, throw some veges and protein together and chow down like there's no tomorrow.




Anonymous said...

You're getting quite good at this now Magda. I am so proud of you. Give youself a big pat on the back from me. ;o)

Lia xxx

Magda said...

Thanks Lia, I AM progressing nicely and am feeling so much better.

:-) Magda