Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hello all,

its been a while since I've been able to blog. Catching up tonight (by candlelight as we observe earth-hour) I read about the sad losses that Sam and Jadey have had recently and my heart goes out to both.


I have truly been Missing In (Non) Action. What do I mean by "non action"? Well I mean "non action towards achieving my fitness and figure goals". (Hanging head in shame). Last weekend the Clipsal 500 came to Adelaide and so did my FIL on the night after my last blog. So we were out to dinner every night and then we'd come home and sit outside drinking coffee (or tea) and eating Tim Tams (yep a few passed my lips). On the Friday I went to the Clipsal as a guest of one of our service providers in their corporate box. OMG its the only way to go!! But it did mean some more off-plan eating as part of the "enjoyment and lets-be-sociable-factor". On the Sunday night all the family were over our place for dinner and I did something I havent done for a VERY VERY LONG time. I had a few wines. And then I had a few more. And then I got stuck into some Baileys Irish Cream. WH just about died of shock as I havent drunk that much in ages.

And did I feel it afterwards?? I had a 3 day hangover. Couldnt work on Monday. Had to go back on Tuesday, despite still feeling seedy and totally out of sorts and I still had the hangover headache on Wednesday morning. WH had a great laugh. All I can say is, now that I've done it and remember what its like, I'm not about to do it again. I'll quite happily go back to my 2 glasses / week or 2 glasses on special social occassions limit. Oh and to make this all worse still, I skipped training on those days except for a few half-hearted walks.

This episode was followed up by some mega busy days at work which meant I was working at home in the evenings (and quite late some nights) and blogging was a distant memory. So to take a phrase from the wise one (Liz) - I've had the paddles out of the water for a while and have drifted backwards. Not where I wanted to be BUT I've had some fun along the way and learnt some more valuable lessons.


On Thursday WH and I had our 14th wedding anniversary. We celebrated last night by staying at a posh hotel in the city and going out for a nice dinner. It was a lovely treat and we both really enjoyed it (well most of it). Read on.

The lift in the hotel was really brightly lit and mirrored on every surface. There was no escaping your reflection from every conceivable angle (10 x worse than any change room nightmare we girls may have experienced in the past). So getting in the lift this morning facing cold, hard, sober reality I was saddened by the reflection looking back at me. I thought I looked ok in stretchy and flowing black pants and a loose jacket worn over a bright T shirt. But what I saw looking back at me was an overweight woman with an express ticket to Frumpsville. I dont mean to put myself down but the reality was that I looked ..... "approaching old and frumpy".

Then in the dining room at breakfast I'm drinking my coffee alone as WH has gone to search for a toilet. My eye is caught by a stunning woman with the BEST LEGS AND GLUTES I've seen in ages. She's wearing a short black dress/skirt (showing them off) and killer black heels. OMG I cant take my eyes off her. But here's the best bit. She's beautifully groomed but looking at her face, she's OLDER than me. I watch her pile her plate with fresh fruit and immediately regret the 2 mini danishes I've just finished (its a buffet and yep I struggle with the "free food" concept). If I felt cr*p after the lift episode, I now feel even cr*ppier. But it gets me thinking .......

1. Having a good physique is not exclusive to the young and gifted. Sure, for some it comes easier than others but we all have the potential to eat well, train hard and do these CONSISTENTLY. Its very easy to make excuses for copping out (just read my post tonight) but in the end we do ourselves no favours.

2. Looking back at me in the lift today was my alter-ego "Sin Now Pray Later Magda". She's the voice in my head going "go on have the cake, biscuits, wine, cheese, etc cause this one wont really matter. You''ll diet it off tomorrow, next week, next month, whenever". And if she is allowed control over me then I'll be Queen of Frumpsville in no time.

I dont want to go there and its a title I dont want to have. Excuse me, I've got some hard paddling to do.

Be back tomorrow.



Carolyn said...

Hi Magda,
I read your blog and think we are so similar in so many ways. I am so hearing you on this kind of thing - I have been close myself to just going wild on the wine apart from a harsh talking to on Tuesday night from Coach who stopped me. I have just finished a project which was 5 years of my life, and man I wanted to celebrate. I didn't have any wine, which I'm still a bit ambivalent about, however I know inside it hasn't hurt me. It never stops being hard for me either. My inner voice is the same - Sin now, pray later. It's a slippery slope though.

Chin up, things are definitely going to get better!!! Believe in yourself, you can do it. And you are definitely not alone.
Have a great Sunday,
Carolyn xx

Magda said...

Carloyn, I hadnt read your comment before I posted my comment on your blog. I'm hearing the Twilight Zone music as I type LOL

:-) Magda

Lia Halsall said...

These moments are few and far between compared to the last year or two Magda. Hopefully it won't get the better of you and you'll soldier on like always. We're human and we make mistakes of which we learn from so all is not lost.

Lia xxx

Magda said...

Thanks Lia. Soldiering on indeed!!


Kek said...

Yikes! A THREE-DAY HANGOVER??? Yeah, that's a lesson you don't want to learn too often.

I think sometimes we have to go that step too far and remind ourselves of the price that's payable afterwards. Funny how we always remember only the good times....