Sunday, March 08, 2009


Today I had the good fortune of eating out twice and not just once. This morning the Adelaide Figure Girls (Kerry and Cheryl) and Coach H and I had brunch at the Old Lion Hotel. (Not a patch on The Store which was chockers and we couldnt get a table). After an hour + of cardio before breakfast, I decided to go the carb option instead of the usual protein based meal. I had fig / apricot bread (a small thick slice) with a dollop of yogurt (sweet and spicy) and a little berry compote. It was a tiny serve and Coach H gave me one of his pancakes when he saw my sad face at the size of my meal.

I remember a time when a meal like that (carbs, carbs and more carbs) would send me into raptures. I would salivate at the thought of it and savour every sweet mouthful. I must say that today I thought it was tasty and nice but I would have enjoyed my favourite Store omelette a lot more. How times change??!!

I had dinner out with WH and BS after a brief visit to Womad. I always get excited when I see interesting salads on a menu so the nicoise salad with tommy ruff fillets and the usual nicoise ingredients (boiled egg, olives, green beans, chargrilled capsicum, chat potatoes and cos lettuce with a red vinaigrette dressing) was my inspired choice tonight. Except it was so disappointing. 2 little dry bits of tommy ruff, soggy lettuce, lots of potato (wasted on me) and a couple beans was the offering and it just didnt cut it. Thank God for my glass of wine and 1 slice of garlic bread.

I'm disappointed that tonight's meal was not enjoyable. We dont go out a lot anymore so when we do I really look forward to it. Its a shame to be let down.


PS I think I have to stop blogging about food so much lately. Its been the topic of my posts just about all week. OOPS.


Kek said...

I hate to be disappointed in a meal too, Magda. Eating out should be a bit special, and when your expectations aren't met, it's a big let-down. :o(

Kristy said...

I get really disappointed when you order and pay for a nice meal, only to find it has no flavour... It's hard not to go looking for something else afterwards to fill that gap.

Em said...

I hate tryng new eating places just incase what I order is a let down as I dont eat out much anymore either.
So i tend to grvitate to the same place everytime and usually get the same meal but this weekend I was making myself be more adventerous and got myself a pumpkin salad with a mustard dressing on the side, very yumi i left with a big smile on my face hehe.
I hope your next meal out is mouth wateringly scrummy :)
Have a smashing week hun :)

Magda said...

Hey guys, you're all echoing my sentiments exactly. Eating out is a treat so it should NOT disappoint.