Thursday, March 12, 2009


Since my last post I've knocked off 2 more training sessions.

Yesterday was shoulders and bis which is the end of my "weight training week". Being 2 smaller muscle groups its not a killer session and in fact in all my training I've never had shoulder DOMS despite working to failure on some exercises and clocking up a reasonable amount of sets and reps. Following that I did a short session of steady state cardio on my exercise bike.

Last night I was out for an issue which I'll post about soon. Lots going on inside my head and a big decision looming. Watch this space ....

Today's training started a bit lacklustre so I headed out with "just walk if thats all you want to do". At least it was a warm morning :-) and it wasnt windy :-) :-). After one song I decided that I felt ok to jog a song and proceeded to do so. All good so I decided I could jog a second song and then I'd have a song walking. Hello!! this is one of my fave cardio sessions - 1 song walk / 2 songs jog which I did for about 9 songs (I actually lost count as my thoughts were constantly elsewhere).

At about the half hour mark I decided that I actually wanted to do some sprints so I headed over to my fave sprint track and luckily today it was deserted. I belted out 5 x 100m sprints and felt really good doing so. Then it was time to head home which was a short-medium walk away. Aha one last chance to make a difference here so I did 4 x 20 walking lunges and then on my front lawn (luckily it was still dark) I did 4 x 10 jump squats.

Voila training done for this week. Tomorrow is my rest day and my week starts again on Saturday.



Kek said...

You gotta love a workout that finishes with jump squats. ....Not!

LOL - hope your legs aren't too wobbly today.

Em said...

Sounds like a ripper workout hun :)

Magda said...


I'm still in disbelief that I CHOSE to do said workout. Wonders will never cease.

It was great Em. I really loved it.

:-) Magda

LizN said...

glad you are back in the swing of things Miss M!

Magda said...

Thanks Miss L. Training going well. Nutrition continues to provide some challenges. Headspace = ok though.