Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm changing the focus of my blogs away from food (for a bit at least) and focussing more on training. So today I had this cracker post planned about an awesome session of cardio / legs that I was going to do. I had it all planned out in my head and was mentally ready to cane it.

Alas my session didnt go according to plan.

I walked to my local oval where there is a great paved track thats about 100m. Its well lit with a very gentle slope and it resembles a true running track. I love to sprint there. But on the way there (and its 5.20am mind you) I see someone walking near my track. I start to jog around the oval looking out for the walker who I've lost sight of. Then I see them sitting on a bench at the covered picnic area right adjacent to my track. BUGGER!! What are they doing just sitting there at this ridiculous time of the day? I change course and run elsewhere but I'm unsettled and annoyed that they upset my plans.

NOTE: I didnt feel in danger at all but I wasnt going to test my luck.

So I came back closer to home and picked a street which looked good for a sprint track and off I went doing my first sprint. A couple of seconds to recover and its into walking lunges. My plan was to do them for the length of the sprint track but I soon realise that's damn near impossible and I settle for 20. A couple of seconds recovery and its into 10 squat jumps. By the 8th rep my legs are screaming and I'm thinking "what was I thinking when I thought I'd repeat this sequence 10 times?"

Anyway it wasnt to be. On the second repeat a big van comes tearing down the street and around the corner of the park there and pulls up to a fast stop. Again I dont like the look of the situation and move elsewhere (another street) for one more repeat of my sequence.

By now I've had enough. I cant find my groove. My legs are screaming and I'm in that pouty "I dont like this" mood. So I stayed close to home and did a mix of jogging and walking to take me up to 6am. I did venture back to the oval when the Step Into Lifers had set up their flood lights and I felt totally safe with it all lit up. But in all it was one of more crappy sessions and I certainly didnt finish it feeling like I had conquered the world. Maybe that'll be next time :-)


PS My legs were SOOOO tired after this so it must have been somewhat effective even if I didnt achieve what I had set out to do.

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