Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Travelling well considering I slept terribly last night and got up at 3.30am to potter around before taking mum, dad and BS to the airport. As I was leaving the airport BEFORE 6am to come home and get ready for work I was wishing that I'd taken these extra 2 days off work. But I fronted up like a trooper - just a walking-dead trooper LOL.

Work was busy and stressful and nutrition had a small wobble today in the form of a small packet of salted peanuts and 3 jelly like lollies. But I stopped there and considered that a victory considering my past record.

With BS away I was really tempted to suggest eating out at our local cafe tonight but I resisted. I just knew that there would be wine, a little too much food, probably not lean and clean food (who can stomach a chicken salad in this freezing weather??) and then my training would go out the window. So we had dinner in (chicken with various green veges) and then I trained shoulders, bis and did some cardio that got missed this morning. Feeling good about it all now :-)

Mind you I think we will eat out tomorrow and I can feel a good quality steak coming on with lots of cooked veges - oh and there probably will be a wine or two to celebrate my end-of-the-week.

2 sleeps to the All Females and on that note its time to hit the sack.

:-) Magda

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