Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hi all,

this is one of the topics I promised to post about and now is a great time to do it.

For my birthday I prefer my family to give me money (rather than presents) so that I can buy things that I like and that I want. (I'm sure many of you ladies understand this after a string of useless pressies that you look at in dismay but then quickly smile and throw in a false "thanks, I love it".)

So for me its $$ for shopping thank you.

BUT I hate shopping when I'm considerably heavier than I like to be (like now). Its no fun buying clothes that you're not going to look smokin hot in. In fact its depressing. So how have I coped?

Well I really limited myself this year to a few (inexpensive) things to see me through til I melt this unwanted fat away. It was quite a challenge but I made it with a few tops including a Prada T shirt from Melbourne that was reduced from $350 to $55. JACKPOT!! It looks a bit small for me right now so I just thought PERFECT!! and grabbed it. Also a new pair of shoe/boots in cream suede with killer heels, a get-me-by skirt and pair of trousers and then a new bra and matching undies.

I hate bra shopping and yesterday's experience took my hate to a new level. I go into BNT and explain that I want a new bra and I'm quite specific about what I want. The girl tells me to take a bra in a size that I think will fit, go and put it on and the professional fitter will come and see me. So I estimate I'm now a 12D and off I go.

:-( :-( I'm spilling out of the cups badly and I dont need to be told that I need a DD. BUT I JUST CANT ACCEPT IT!!!!

Bra Girl: This is too small. I'll get the DD.
Me: But I've NEVER been a DD.
Bra Girl: Looking perplexed.
Me: I dont want to be a DD.
Off she goes to get the DD which I put on.
Bra Girl: Most of the girls who come in these days are a D or DD. Its the chicken.
Me: Looking perplexed.
Bra Girl: repeats herself in a lowered voice.
Me: You mean the hormones in the chicken.
Bra Girl: Yes the hormones.
Me: Well I'll be dieting on Monday and .... note to self "Its time to start eating organic/free-range chicken instead of just thinking about it".

I ask her to find a style which will fit me in a D cup. I'm pleading with a desperate look on my face. She goes off and comes back with 3 different bras. I try the first one and .... IT FITS. Bra Girl checks it, ready to destroy my brief moment of happiness, but she cant because IT DOES FIT.

HOORAY!! I"M NOT AN UGLY, MATRONLY, FAT OLD WOMAN. I'm in a D cup and I'm happy.

PS If any ladies out there are in fact a DD I mean no harm or disrespect. Some large breasts look great, mine dont. For me a DD signifies that I'm indeed too heavy and its time to melt away some of that unwanted body fat.

Stay tuned for more ramblings shortly.




Kek said...

The chicken thing cracks me up. There are no hormones fed to Aussie chicken. Unless the government is lying to us... I love a good conspiracy theory... ;o)

The reason 'most' women have larger boobs these days is because 'most' people are overweight. Of course if they accept that, they'd have to face the truth, wouldn't they - so let's blame the chickens instead. God forbid anyone should take responsibility for themselves.

Never mind Magda, you'll shrink back into your smaller bras. And look on the bright side - at least you HAVE boobs. I just had to go searching for my 10As. Boo-hoo.

Kie said...

Hi Magda,
This post bought back memories when I was fitted with my first maternity bra. I was always a B cup and 5 months into my pregnancy the lady was trying to tell me I was a D ( to my horror ) LOL you are a funny lady, thanks for making me smile. Take care.
Kie xx

Magda said...

Oh Kek, she was DEAD SERIOUS!! about the chickens. Made me stop and wonder, I tell you. Look I couldnt agree more about big boobs = overweight. And thats what the DD signifies for me ... TOO FAT. Mind you hubby is happy (he's a breast man).

Kie I've never faced the maternity bra issue (my son is adopted) but I can now fully appreciate how tough it would be to go from a nice trim B cup to a whopping D. Horror indeed.

:-) Magda

Kek said...

Oh, oh...I was an F cup when I was pregnant. Yikes! Didn't like that one bit...

My husband is going around looking all sad too. LOL.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, I was a DD before I started doing comps, and I used to hate shopping for bras as there was never anything nice or with a shoestring strap, which limited what I could wear in summer time. Although I'm sure my hubby misses them, I sure don't.

Magda said...

Dear Kek and Charlotte,

those men have no idea what a pain big boobs are if you're active (like running or teaching step/aerobics) if you want to wear pretty bras and skimpier tops in summer. For me anything under a D is but a pipe dream. Even at 55kgs (I'm 171cms tall) with ribs showing everyone and no arse whatsoever, I was still a D cup. I could just wear a different style.

Where is the justice in that?? OH and they were a very saggy D. Even worse!!


Kimmy said...

Hi Magna - thank you for the birthday wishes - Happy Birthday to you also - hope you have a lovely day - so many caring loving nuturing cancerians as our blogging friends. Just don't cross us when we get a bit crabby :) so they tell me :).
I had to laugh about the bra trip. I was a C cup before I had my kids and even when I was pregnant I did not change size and then they just kept getting smaller after breast feeding - there was nothing there when I did my comp!!! - think that is why my husband does not like me doin them :).
Be good and Live with Passion - Kimmy

Pip said...

Have to laugh Magda!

I have big boobs, am your height and I'm sure considerably heavier than you are right now, (me, around 86kg). My boob size: - BIG! For bras I wear old stretched 14E's and spill outta them a bit but know I'm on track to losing some. Earlier in the year when I actually was focussed and fit and got under 70kg I was a 12E when fitted. A few years ago when close to 60kg and REALLY fit, a 12D or C. So mine do go down, but guess I'm lucky with the smaller butt/hips but don't have a waistline as such and have bigger boobs that DO reduce if I lose some.

Cheryl D said...

Haha I love this post. The first place I put on weight and loose it are my boobs. Some people have there 'fat' clothes and skinny clothes.. I have my fat bras and skinny bras.

(I would like to blame the chickens :))

Jehanne said...

haha - funny!
Thanks for the welcome back message! I look forward to being back in blog land - I already feel so welcomed!
xoxo J