Sunday, July 27, 2008


The beautiful Lindy Olsen .... and little old me.

Irene, me and Liz Nelson. I trained with Liz at the beginning of this year and I was so happy I got to meet her in person. I have a lot of respect for her and enjoyed the chat we had at the show. Irene too was really lovely. I hope the show inspired her to also take the plunge.

The Adelaide girls. I had such a great time with these ladies and look forward to doing it all again next year (I hope).
Well the All Females is over for another year. As with every bodybuilding competition there are the highs (making it to the stage for the first time/in better condition) and the lows (dealing with the post comp blowouts and the loss of the "ideal body") and all that in between.
I was lucky enough to see all of the pre-judging and the evening show and I enjoyed every minute of, just lapping up the atmosphere, admiring the awesome physiques and appreciating the hard work that it took to get there.
Here are my highlights (in no particular order):
Meeting the ladies from blogland and Lindy's forum. I was lucky enough to meet/greet/talk to: Lia (and Daniel), Rae, Lindy, Shar, Liz, Irene, Lisa, Combat Girl, Charlotte, Jacinta, Katie (Spartze), Katie P, Di and I hope I didnt forget anyone :-)
Seeing Rae on stage. If there is anybody who is a complete natural with style, poise and elegance, its Rae. She was lovely to watch and a well deserved first place in the Intermediate category.
Shar was the "OMG how much has she improved girl". Fantastic legs. Gorgeous bikini. A close 2nd to Rae, I'm sure.
Erica lit the stage up with her smile. She was out to enjoy herself and that she did.
Sportsmodel Hilds was so pretty with a gorgeous toned yet curvy body. Great package.
Ursula blew us away. Does that woman have muscles or what??!! But beautiful too and just pipped for first place in her category. That was one tough line-up.
Di was stunning in her presentation and surpassed herself with yet another brilliant routine. Although tiny in size, she just glows with an amazing stage presence.
The Masters ladies filed onto the stage. Kerry and I turned to each other and in unison said "Oh. My. God." What a high standard this year. We were blown away.
The whole show did have a great atmosphere and I love the way that ladies from all around Australia come to enjoy it.
Congratulations to everyone who competed. You were all beautiful and amazing.


RaeC said...

Oh thank you sweetheart... I got a bit of a surprise when I popped over here to read your blog and I saw my name mentioned. It really lifted my spirits seeing what you wrote and I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me that I come across that way onstage. Thank you so much xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, it looks like it was a wonderful weekend.

Magda said...

Your welcome Rae. And your routine and choice of music was awesome!!!

Yes Cat it was a real treat which I enjoyed very much.