Monday, July 07, 2008


I dont think the mercury hit 12 degrees in Adelaide today and we had heaps of rain just to consolidate the wintery conditions.

I had the day off to spend with my BS - happy happy!! Here's how it went.

6.45am morning cardio: 2 min walk/ 6 min jog intervals x 4. Legs a bit tired and heavy after yesterday's training.

Breakfast of oats, psyllium husks with protein powder + goji berries, LSA and a little lite soy milk + green tea

BS and I baked a cake which got wrapped in plastic and frozen ready to take in for a work morning tea. It was a lemon sour cream cake and it smelt divine but not a crumb passed these lips.

My best friend visited with her son and we had a couple of hours chatting and drinking tea while the boys played. Missed my morning tea meal but wasnt even hungry for it.

After a lunch of multigrain pasta, various veges and fresh sardines lightly grilled and tossed through the pasta and veges (Yummo!!) BS and I had a massive play session which ended with us on our bed and him covering me in anything he could find (pillows, PJs, socks etc) and then taking my ugg boot off and tickling me to death. I was in hysterics.

We braved the Arctic conditions to visit our local Leonards as they were having a special on chicken breast fillets and Istocked up and made a liter, low fat version of Coq au Vin for dinner. It was definitely a casserole day today as no salads or stirfries would have cut it. I even made dumplings for my WH (he's SO English) but skipped them myself to keep my dinner lean and healthy.

After dinner I trained chest and tris and was blitzing along until I hit the tri presses and then I was fading fast. Will definitely get WH spotting for me at the next session. I was feeling so good that I even chucked in a half hour low-moderate intensity cardio on the bike to round it all off.

When I look back over today I'm really proud that I resisted the cake I baked and I didnt go looking for food all day just coz I was home. I opened a bottle of red wine for the Coq au Vin and didnt drink any of it. I considered making apple crumble for dessert (WH LOVES it) but decided that we didnt need it.

Gosh when your head's in the right place everything else just follows.

Cheers guys



Kek said...

Nice one, Magda!

Love those casseroles in this weather...

Splice said...

Sounds like everything is perfect except for the weather!

Stay happy :-)


Magda said...

Oh Kek it was delicious. (Recipe modified from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Book Number 2)

Hey Debs its freezing here in July but with extra bodyfat I'm coping a bit better this year (there's got to be SOME benefit in not being close to comp shape LOL)