Thursday, July 24, 2008


Since Monday I have crammed in a gazzillion hours of computer time and am finally up to date with all the blogs I follow. I've read stuff thats made me laugh, cry, feel proud, shake my head, nod my head and reminisce. I havent left comments anywhere although there were many times I wanted to. After this weekend my world should return to normal and I'll keep up to date with reading and comments.

THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes you left on my last post. I was surprised by the number after I had been AWOL for some time. Despite being away for work, I had a great day. I still got up at 5 and did my running training. WH took me to lunch and I ate what I wanted with no guilt whatsoever and I had 2 LARGE glasses of bubbly ... WOOHOO. My colleague and I worked late that evening but the naughty devil announced to everyone we were presenting to that it was my birthday and she surprised me with a small gift. Then it was out to dinner and a shared bottle of wine ... life wasnt so bad after all.

Although I'm a bit late I'd like to wish Katie (Spartze), Pip, Kimmy and Ali all a Happy Birthday too. I believe we are all Cancerians (Lia too) and share some very distinct traits.

Over the coming posts I will write more about:
1. The All Females
2. Melbourne post the All Females
3. Shopping
4. How I celebrate my birthday (its not limited to one day)
5. Life on the other side of 45 - dont miss that one!!
6. And other juicy tidbits that spring to mind.

I also have photos to share. But right now its VERY late so time for bed and Good Night.

XX Magda


Tara said...

Happy belated birthday Magda, Sounds like you had a good day.

Tara xx

Cheryl D said...

Ops Im slack - Happy Birthday! C U Sunday.. Coconut and apricot toast here we come!

Magda said...

Thanks guys,

still celebrating :-)


LizN said...

Magda, I hope you celebrate who you are EVERY day:) Great to finally meet you in Melbourne.
Hugs and Happy Birthday,
Liz N

Kristy said...

Magda really happy that you had a great birthday.

I can't wait to hear about your latest advenutres...I will be hanging eagerly in the curtains waiting...

Magda said...

Thanks Liz,

What a lovely sentiment about celebrating who I am every day. I think we get so bogged down with life (work, housework, shopping, taking care of children and family) that we forget those supposed luxuries. I'm so glad I got to meet you too. I was really looking forward to it and I wasnt disappointed :-)

Hi Kristy,

I've caught up on your blog but will be back soon to comment etc. I hope you enjoy my new ramblings.