Monday, July 28, 2008


Well last night saw the end of about 2 weeks celebrating my birthday. Our family doesnt do things by halves and it felt like we were doing something on most days. But in reality here's what I was treated to:

Lunch out with WH on the day. We went to lovely city cafe with the best home-style Italian food.

Dinner out with my work colleague that evening as we had travelled to the country for various meetings.

2 nights later my friends came around for drinks and nibbles. I hardly ever eat fruit cheese (which I love) but I had some that night.

Last Friday my mum and I spent the day together doing some shopping for me and having coffees and lunch.

That night WH took me out to a VERY NICE Italian Restaurant (Auge) which was superb. I had some unusual but very delicious food. It was heaven.

On Saturday my Mum cooked my favourite dinner and made my favourite cake. I ate a bit too much because I found it very hard to resist. Check out the picture above. Its a vanilla slice with home made puff pastry (yes my mum rolled, folded and rested it 3-4 times) and custard made from egg yolks, sugar, milk and flour. When its cooked and very thick you stir through the stiffly beaten egg whites. The custard is then spread in a thick layer between the 2 sheets of (cooked) puff pastry and cut into squares for serving after dusting with icing sugar. Its the best vanilla slice in the world :-)

Sunday night we wound it all up and my body did truly say "ENOUGH".

July has been a tough month as far as eating goes because it seemed to be a string of holidays, eating out, celebrating and trying to stay sane around so much food. But I'm really pleased to say that I managed a huge achievement this month, a really significant breakthrough which I'll blog more about tomorrow.

Cheers all



Kie said...

Hi Magda,
Yum Yum your Mum spoils you, you lucky thing. Glad you enjoyed your birthday sounded fun (o:
Kie xx

Lisa said...

Ok - that vanilla slice does look fab! You are making me hungry just looking at it!

Raechelle said...

Damn girl! When you celebrate-you really celebrate! Glad you enjoyed it-that's what life should be about!

MISS TANK said...

That is AWESOME - I make sure my birthday goes on for at least a MONTH! I love birthdays!!!! That slice looks divine!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MAGDA xx

Cheryl D said...

Yumm! I love Vanilla slice. I have never had it made from scratch. Sounds great.

Magda said...

Hi Kie, yes my mum spoils me BIG TIME and I love her to bits.

Lisa that vanilla slice IS fab. Tasted completely different to commercial pastry and custard made from powder.

I sure do Raechelle. Thats pretty typical in our family and I never want it to change.

I love birthdays too Fern especially coz then ITS ALL ABOUT ME!!! It doesnt even worry me to be getting older ... just bring on the celebrations.

Its a huge job to make from scratch Cheryl so I'll only enjoy it while mum is alive. I have the recipe but have never made it. It just wouldnt be the same as mums.

Cheers all