Thursday, July 10, 2008


One sleep to go.
The suitcase is 60% packed.
The remaining 40% is all out ready to be used one more time before being packed.

I'm one session ahead with weight training :-)
Planning a run tomorrow morning as cardio was very lite on today.

I'm excited to be going to this great show.
I'm excited for all the girls who have put in the hard yards and who will have their glory on stage on Saturday.
I'm excited to be meeting a lot of the ladies from blogland (I hope). If I act as though we are long time friends its because I feel we know each other so well. Much of the stuff I write about in my blog I would NEVER sit down and talk about with my regular girlfriends. I love having this forum in which to write about this aspect of my life.

If you're competing on Saturday then I wish you GOOD LUCK.
If you recognise me but I miss you please come up and say hello.

Cheers all



Raechelle said...

Have fun Magda! Wish I was still going-it's going to be so much fun!

Hilary said...

Hope you have a great time Magda! I went a couple of years ago and had the BEST time!

Cant wait to see lots of pics!

Hilary xx

Kristy said...

Have a great time in Melb Magda, sounds like you will have a ball :)